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Extra cars

Complete the following tasks or challenges to obtain extra cars:

AC charges 427: Find all accidents in Hawaii 4.Ariel Atom 500 V8: Win the Hawaii Cup 2.Audi Q7 V12 “Chris”: Win Chris.Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 fsi quattro: Consider it in the scroll machine of the casino.Buggy V8: All accidents in Ibiza 2.Citroen 2 hp: All accidents in Hawaii 1.Ford Mustang Fastback “Miami”: wins to Miami.Jaguar D Type: All accidents in Hawaii 3.Lotus Evora “Solar Crown”: Win the Ibiza 1 Cup.Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing “Solar Crown”: Win the Hawaii Cup 1.Mercedes Benz Clk 63 AMG Black Series “Outlaw”: escapes eight times in a row.Mercedes Benz Slk 55 AMG “Tess”: Win to Tess.Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S “Stuart”: Win Stuart.Police Dodge Viper: Arrest 35 times to other players.Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe: Find all accidents in Hawaii 2.Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder: Level 4 reward of the casino.Volkswagen Beetle: All accidents in Ibiza 1.Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI “Ryan”: wins Ryan.

Xbox Live achievements of Test Drive Unlimited 2

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Level 60 Reach level 60. 100
Coronation Win all championships and glasses. 75
Cars Get all cars that can buy. fifty
Money burns in the hands Spend 1 million dollars. fifty
The Explorer Conducts 5.000 km (3.107 miles). fifty
Completed events Exceed all missions. 40
VIP Casino: Conviértete in VIP of the casino when reaching level 5. 35
Real estate crisis? It has a house of each level. 30
One of each Get a car in each category (A7-A6-A5-A4-A3-A2-A1, C4-C3, B4-B3). 30
Reporter Find all panoramic points (photographer). 30
Maintainsén the distance Drives for 15s above 100 km/h (62 mph) with 8 players in the “maintained modeén the distance “ 30
Exclusive cars Conduct all club cars. 30
“SE busca” Casino: Get the right aspect to obtain the reward. 25
Casino fashion victim Casino: Buy all the clothes available in the casino clothing store. 25
Socialize Casino: Unlock all cocktails and emoticons. 25
King of Ibiza The Ibiza Cup wins in zone 1. 25
Get rich or drive Get 1 million dollars. 25
Multiple rival Win 5 challenges in all multiplayer modes (race, speed and radar). 25
Catastrophe épica Get 6 bonus cars (treasure hunt). 25
I against all of you Play 40 challenges in the Community Automobile Center. 25
Club partying Win 30 challenges between clubs. 25
An opportunity of 38 Casino: Win a commitment to a single number in the roulette. twenty
Are you ready to play TDU2? Casino: Wins the luxury car that is exhibited in the waiting room. twenty
Aloha! He arrives in Hawaii. twenty
School teacher Get all permits. twenty
Instant challenge, easy money! Win 10.000 $ in instantaneous challenges. twenty
Cabin It conducts 500 km (311 miles) using the cabin view (in any game mode). twenty
Kangaroo Salta 100 m (109 yd) (in any game mode). twenty
West Casino: Make the “duel” emoticon at the same time as your rival at a poker table for two. fifteen
Car artist Decorate 5 different cars. fifteen
Helping Hand Exceeds 10 missions. fifteen
Cooperative rival Drives 150 km (93 miles) in modes “én the distance “and” follow the leader “. fifteen
My club and I Drives 150 km (93 miles) in club challenges. fifteen
Public Enemy Leave the police 30 times in the mode of persecution online. 10
Risk corridor Casino: renunciation of a trio during a game of VideopĆ³quer and wins the next hand. 10
The Guardian of the Island Casino: wakes the guardian of the island. 10
Cups Casino: Baby 10 cocktails in a row at a poker table. 10
Fast and luxurious Reach 400 km/h (249 mph) for five seconds (in any game mode). 10
Di “potato”! Let you catch a radar 100 times (in radar mode). 10
Fashion Change clothes or hairstyle 40 times. 10
Mummy Complete 20 multiplayer challenges with bandages. 10
Temerary conductor Conducts and hits 100 cars controlled by AI and destroyable objects. 10
Easy money Win 100.000 $ with F.R.Yo.M. 10
Money earned Charge the maximum level of F.R.Yo.M. (10). 10
Comepists Conducts 1.000 km (621 miles). 10
Ibiza photographer Find 5 panoramic points of Ibiza (photographer). 10
Social animal Join and invite friends 100 times (in any game mode). 10
Better than a GPS Invite 10 players to drive with you in your car. 10
Exclusive car Drives a club car. 10
Commissar Arrest 30 fugitive in online persecution mode. 10
Learning Get permission C4. 5
The debutant Win a championship. 5
Addicted to tune Tune a car to the fullest. 5
My beautiful caravan Get a house (caravan). 5
Littleñto collection Get three different cars. 5
Walk Drive 200 km (124 miles). 5
Hey! Whaté car is this? Get 1 bonus car (treasure hunt). 5


Individual speed challenges (10g): Win the Gold Cup in all individual speed challenges.Multiplayer Victories, Level 1 [Multiplayer Achievement] (10g): Get 3 victories in multiplayer races. Only the matches count.Victories Instant Challenges (10g): Get 5 victories in instantaneous challenges.Share custom challenges (10g): Share 3 custom challenges in the Drive-In.Victories personalized challenges (10g): obtain 2 victories in the personalized challenges of the drive-in.Club member (10g): Create a club or make a member of an existing one.Club races victories [Multiplayer Achievement] (10g): Get 3 victories in the Interclub races.Merchandise (10g): buy or sell a vehicle to another member in merchandise.Chevrolet Collector (10g): Have at least 3 different Chevrolet.Ford collector (10g): have at least 3 different Ford.Motorcycle collector (10g): Have at least 3 different motorcycles.Ben Sherman Collector (10g): Have at least 10 Ben Sherman objects.Collector *Ecko Unltd. (10g): Have at least 10 objects *Ecko Unltd.Tunisora (10g): Buy a performance package for one of your vehicles in a tuning magazine.Quiet tourist (10g): travels 30 miles (48 km).Individual time challenges (15g): wins the Gold Cup in all individual time challenges.Missions successfully, level 1 (15g): complete 3 missions (top model, autoestopist, delivery and messenger).Mercedes-Benz Collector (15g): Had at least 3 different Mercedes-Benz.Collector Aston Martin (15g): Have at least 3 Aston Martin different.Little collector (15g): have at least 2 different cars.Individual victories, level 1 (20g): wins the Gold Cup in 5 individual challenges.Individual victories, level 2 (20g): wins the Gold Cup in 10 individual challenges.Individual victories, level 3 (20g): wins the Gold Cup in 20 individual challenges.Individual racing challenges (20g): wins the Gold Cup in all individual race challenges.Multiplayer victories, level 2 [Multiplayer Achievement] (20g): Get 15 victories in multiplayer races. Only the matches count.Ferrari collector (20g): have at least 3 different Ferrari.Lamborghini collector (20g): have at least 3 different lamborghini.Owner (20g): Have at least 2 houses.Amateur Collector (20g): Have at least 4 different cars.Missions successfully, level 2 (25g): complete 15 missions (top model, autoestopist, delivery and messenger).Inveterate tourist (25g): travels 200 miles (320 km).Inveterate collector (25g): have at least 10 different cars.Individual victories, level 4 (30g): wins the Gold Cup in 40 individual challenges.The return to the island (30g): wins the Gold Cup in the challenge “The return to the island”.Multiplayer victories, level 3 [Multiplayer Achievement] (30g): Get 30 victories in multiplayer races. Only the matches count.Traveler (30g): travel 400 miles (640 km).Real estate magnate (30g): have at least 15 houses.Most varied collector (30g): have at least 20 different cars.Extreme Collector (30g): Have at least 50 different models of cars.Missions successfully, level 3 (35g): complete 40 missions (top model, autoestopist, delivery and messenger).Experienced traveler (35g): travel 1.000 miles (1.600 km).Individual victories, level 5 (40g): wins the Gold Cup in 60 individual challenges.Explorer (40g): Discover all the island’s roads.Attentive driver (40g): travel 5.000 miles (8.000 km).Individual victories, level 6 (60g): wins the Gold Cup in all individual challenges.Missions successfully, level 4 (60g): complete all missions (top model, autoestopist, delivery and messenger).

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