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Location of tombs and how to complete them

It exceeds Lara Croft’s new adventure with this Rise of the Tomb Raider guide.

Achievement Guide

Unilateral conversation

English pedigree

A friend of trust

The weight of the law

Do not let go

Bar fight



For the next trick…


Impossible shot

Taking some rest

Grilled chicken

Chemical war

Threefold threat

Gup Gup Gup

Was it necessary?

I share your sentiment

You have to dare


Location of tombs and how to complete them

Xbox Live achievements of Rise of the Tomb Raider

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
The price of the truth You completed the game in any difficulty. 150
Tombs looter You completed all the challenge tombs. fifty
Great booty Resistance challenge: Forest escape after surviving 10 days with at least 10 artifacts. fifty
The Hidden Truth in the Mystery Baba Yaga: you unmasked Baba Yaga. fifty
Combat specialist Challenge of the cold darkness: You completed the cold darkness without dying. fifty
Compulsive You completed all the challenges. 30
Voices of the past You gathered 75 % of all narrative resources (relics, murals and documents). 30
Woman of the people You completed all the missions. 30
Archaeologist teacher Resistance Challenge: You gathered at least 10 artifacts. 30
Skilled looter Resistance Challenge: You opened 5 codices or sarcophagi without falling into a trap. 30
Vacation Resistance Challenge: Prake of the Forest After surviving 7 days. 30
Imposing the law You kill 6 enemies with the revolver without having to recharge. 25
The few chosen You discovered the remains of all Jacob’s disciples. 25
Belong to a museum You gathered 300 cards. 25
This is done You complete all levels in punctuation attack with a bronze or better score. 25
Start with good foot You complete 10 levels in punctuation attack with a gold score. 25
Well done Resistance Challenge: You ate the meat of 5 birds, squirrels or rabbits removed with fire. 25
Retirement in nature Resistance Challenge: You survived 7 days. 25
Complete works of witchcraft BABA YAGA: You gathered all the documents of the Impia basin. 25
Witchcraft for beginners BABA YAGA: You tried a scoring attack in the Impia basin. 25
Revealing the truth Challenge of the cold darkness: you gathered the 8 documents. 25
Leaves in the wind Challenge of the cold darkness: you made 5 shots at the head with normal arrows in 1 minute. 25
Perfectionist Challenge of the cold darkness: you blocked all towers without making any mistake. 25
Epidemiologist Challenge of the cold darkness: You completed the cold darkness. 25
The perfect Storm Challenge of cold darkness: you killed 75 enemies in a single game of cold darkness. 25
Challenging You completed a challenge tomb. twenty
Fast and painless You triggered 15 deer in their hearts. twenty
Siberian guard You won in 15 combat matches after finishing the game. twenty
Triple threat You kill 3 enemies with 1 shotgun shot. twenty
Armed for war Challenge of cold darkness: you found 6 different weapons. twenty
Legendary gunsmith Challenge of the cold darkness: you opened 6 reinforced chests. twenty
To the rescue Challenge of the cold darkness: you rescued 6 prisoners. twenty
A friendly hand You defended the home of the remnant of the invasion of the Trinity. fifteen
An old reliable friend You kill 5 enemies in 10 seconds with the help of a rifle. fifteen
Enthusiastic buyer You bought all the objects of the supply hut. fifteen
Sword of Justice You achieved 25 special stealthy casualties with the knife. fifteen
Craftswoman You made 5 pieces of equipment. fifteen
Equal in death You made 25 shots at the head with a bolt rifle. fifteen
Polyglot You reached the maximum domain level in a language. fifteen
In my father’s footsteps You entered the Syrian Tomb of the Lost Prophet. fifteen
BañAda in gold You completed a level in score with gold score. fifteen
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp! You drown 3 enemies using an aquatic auction. fifteen
Good samaritan You complete 3 missions. fifteen
Acute eye You discovered 40 survival dressings. fifteen
In search of problems You complete 5 challenges. fifteen
My worst enemy You completed a score attack level with a score multiplier of 2 or more. fifteen
Without fear You made a 2 head dump.5 seconds or more. fifteen
Go fall You survived avalanche. fifteen
Renegade You pushed 5 enemies for a cornice using melee attacks. fifteen
Crazy for improvements You bought all a category skills. fifteen
Grilled chicken You triggered a chicken in the air with a fire arrow. fifteen
Extrañor known You rescued Jacob del Gulag. fifteen
On the raised path You turned on the SEñto the fire in the remnant valley. fifteen
It is all you have? You complete 3 repetition challenges in a score attack. fifteen
The key to everything You recovered the Atlas. fifteen
The least used path You unlock the way to Kítezh. fifteen
Stronger than it seems You survived one night in the Siberian wild lands. fifteen
Truth search engine You gathered 25 % of all narrative resources (relics, murals and documents). fifteen
Gunsmith You completely improved a weapon. fifteen
Whatever it takes You rescued Jonah from Konstantin. fifteen
Tyroles You made a manual zip line transfer. fifteen
Quick reflexes Resistance challenge: you destroyed 3 roof skewers after falling into them. fifteen
Not that way Resistance challenge: You run from the forest on the first day, without recovering any artifact. fifteen
Alegre Campista Resistance Challenge: You survived 5 days. fifteen
Quién needs a map? Resistance Challenge: You located 5 crypts. fifteen
Amateur chemist Baba Yaga: You made the antidote. fifteen
The Journey of the Witch House Baba Yaga: you activated the old elevator. fifteen
Vasilisa lanterns BABA YAGA: You completed the challenge in the Impia basin. fifteen
Witch bottles BABA YAGA: You unearthed all survival in the impious basin. fifteen
Ordalía BABA YAGA: You completed all the scoring attacks in the Impá basin with gold score. fifteen
Bravo’s legacy Baba Yaga: You confused ten enemies with the clickñyou. fifteen
Siberia’s spectrum Baba Yaga: You killed 50 enemies carrying the spectral leather outfit. fifteen
Give fire to man Challenge of the cold darkness: you killed 20 enemies with shotgun dragon fire ammunition. fifteen
Bar fight You eliminated an enemy melee using a bottle. 10
Scapegoats You killed 5 enemies when shooting them in their legs. 10
Pyrómana You defeated 2 enemies or more using a single Molotov cocktail. 10
Impossible shot You triggered a bottle in the air. 10
Unilateral conversation You killed an enemy stealthily while being talking. 10
Fast recovery You healed in combat 3 times. 10
Was it really necessary? You killed an animal with an explosive. 10
Hideout Baba Yaga: You rescued Nadia from the Trinity. 10
Leave all hope BABA YAGA: You entered the Impia basin. 10
A moment of clarity Baba Yaga: You facing the witch and you survived. 10
Witch Servant Baba Yaga: You confused an enemy with the Pinchasueñyou. 10
Fired farewell BABA YAGA: You talked to Nadia again before leaving the Impia basin. 5

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