Cheats Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock – Xbox 360 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trick mode

In the main menu, select “options”, “cheats”, “introduce new trick” and press the following buttons combinations so that they take effect on the game.

Unlock all the scenarios: press red, blue (2), red (2), blue (2), red.Unlock all the characters: Press blue, green (2), red, green, red, yellow, blue.

Sliding Notes: Press blue, green (2), red (2), yellow, blue, yellow.

Alternative notes: Press green (3), blue, green (3), yellow.

Concentration mode: Press green, yellow, green, red, green, yellow, blue, green.

Presentation mode: Press red, yellow (2), blue, red, blue, green, red.

HUD mode: Press green (2), red, green (2), yellow, green (2).

Invisible rocker: Press green (2), red, yellow (3), blue (2).

Changed colors: Press blue, green, blue, red, yellow, green, red, yellow.

Air instruments: Press yellow, red (2), blue, yellow, green (3).

Mirror Gems: Blue Press (2), Red, Blue, Green (2), Red, Green.

Random Gems: Press green (2), red (2), yellow, red, yellow, blue.

Absolutely nothing: Press green (8).

Xbox Live Achievements of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Great astrologer You have won 2.000 stars in PR+ 60
Total perfectionist You have dominated all the chapters of a character 60
Salvador del Rock You have ended with the curse of rock fifty
Astrologer seasoned You have won 1.000 stars in PR+ 40
Gems accumulator A right 150.000 mission notes 30
Final answer He has earned everything 30
Divine liberator You have released the half 30
I claim my guitar You have recovered the legendary guitar 30
String twins Guitar and bass 30
Mutilator You have survived Black Widow 30
Star centurion Prompt twenty
Collection of gems Acknowledges 75.000 mission notes twenty
Champion of challenges You have overcome the range of another person twenty
Children of excess You have maximized the multiplier twenty
Mythical millionaire You have achieved more than a million points in a power challenge twenty
GOLD MASTER You have gained gold in 3 challenges at the same time twenty
Diamond teacher You have gained diamond in 2 challenges at the same time twenty
The mermaid You have recruited the warrior Judy (mission) twenty
The cheater You have released the warrior Johnny (Mission) twenty
The vigil You have loved the Casey warrior (mission) twenty
The Gross You have released the warrior Lars (mission) twenty
The eternal Awaken the axel warrior (mission) twenty
The dynamo You have released the warrior echo (mission) twenty
Pseudoperfectionist You have dominated 2 chapters twenty
Semi -perfectionist You have dominated 4 chapters twenty
Altered virtuoso You have dominated a song in mission twenty
The chosen one You have supported the storm twenty
The inmate You have invoked the warrior Austin (mission) twenty
The exalted You have invoked the warrior Pandora (mission) twenty
Gold standard You have won gold in 2 group challenge at the same time twenty
Experienced rival You have tried competitive games twenty
Haza markerñace You have followed the notes 10
Hymn Archive You have achieved a minimum of 115 songs 10
Automejora You have overcome your range 10
The endless song You have played a song 10 times 10
Patrons of art You have supported the GH community (TM) tracks 10
Orthodox apostle Get 5 stars with a non -standard group on average 10
Standard kings Get 5 stars with a standard group on average 10
DUEñor of destiny Get 5 stars in 5 songs chosen 10
Mocking to destiny Get 5 stars in 5 random songs 10
Repellent numerologist You have won a score of élite 10
Mathematical precision You have achieved a group score that ends at 000 10
Fast student You have made a complete combo in an exercise of a tutorial 10
Amateur astrologer You have won 100 stars in PR+ 10
Expert astrologer You have won 500 stars in PR+ 10
NATO IMPROVOR You have placed 100 notes in GH (TM) Jam 10
Poor guys You have faced the truth 10
The docile Face the Father Brown 10
Great murderer You have supported the punishment 10
Lucifer’s accountant You have achieved a divisible score between 6 10


ACCOMPLISHED ASTROLOGER (10G) WIN 500 STARS.Astrologer (60g) wins 2000 stars.ADEPT ASTROLOGER (40G) WIN 1000 STARS.Altred Virtuoso (20g) gets 40 power stars in a song.Astrologer Amateur (10g) gets 100 stars.Anthemic Archivist (10g) Expand your musical bookstore with at least 115 songs of all kinds.Apostates of Orthodoxy (10g) Make a song with 5 stars in multiplayer with a non -standard band.Ax Claimer (30g) recovers the legendary guitar.Bearers of the Standard (10g) Make a song with 5 stars in multiplayer with a standard band.Champion of Challenges (20G) marks the score of another player in Challenge and exceeds its points.Chosen One (20G) defeats Fire of the Storm as a solitary battery in difficult or higher difficulty.Diamond Master (20g) As a lone player, he gets diamond in two or more challenges in a song.Divine Liberator (30g) Liberates Demigod of Rock.GEM COLLECTOR (20G) Touch 75.000 notes.GEM HOARDER (30G) Touch correctly 150.000 notes.Giant Slayer (10g) defeats Holy Wars in a single low level or higher level.Gold Master (20G) As a lone player, get gold or upper in three or more challenges in a single song.Gold Standard (20g) with a standard band, get gold or higher in 2 band challenges in a single song.Hand mutilator (30g) defeat Black Widow of La Porte with a single guitar in expert.Lucifer’s Accountant (10g) exceeds any song with a divisible final score between 6.Manager of Fate (10g) creates and plays a list of songs (minimum 5) and gets 5 stars in all.Mathematic Sharpshooners (10g) exceeds any song with a final 000 score as a band.Mocker of Fate (10g) creates and plays a list of 5 random songs winning 5 stars in them.Motivated Importer (10g) Touches 100 notes on a solo GH Jam session.Mythical Millionaire (20g) gets 1.000.000 points or more in a lonely game at Power Challenge. Nauseous Numerologist (10g) exceeds any song with a final score of 133.337.Partial perfectionist (20g) dominates the Powers Stars of the 4 chapters of challenges.Patron of the Arts (10g) gets 5 stars in any song that has more than 200 notes.Perfect Perfectionist (60g) Get all the Power Stars of all the chapters of the characters.Player of the Ear Worm (10g) plays a song that is not guitar hero 10 times or more.Poor Boys (10g) exceeds Bohemian Rhapsody as a band at a medium or higher level with at least two vocalists.Pseudo Perfectionist (20g) dominates all Power Stars of 2 chapters of challenges.Quick Learner (10g) Make a full combo in any tutorial exercise.Savior of Rock (50g) defeats Scourge of Rock.Sions of Excesses (20g) gets a 11 multiplier with a 4 players multiplayer band.Seasoned Competitor (20g) Play Pro Faceoff, Momentum, Momentum+, Streaker, do or die, and perfection them at least once.Self Improve (10g) exceeds your own score in a challenge.Stellar Centurion (20g) Make Star Power a total of 100 times.String Twins (30g) completes a song only as a guitarist and bassist and gets the same score.The Brute (20g) Librara A Lars.The Dynamo (20g) releases Echo.The Eternal (20G) releases Axel.The Exalted (20G) invokes Pandora.The Meek (10g) exceeds 2112 Part 4 with a normal difficulty with 3 or more members.The prison (20g) invokes Austin.The Siren (20g) recruits Judy.The Cheatster (20G) releases Johnny.The Vigil (20g) loves Casey.Tracker of Deeds (10g) follows the object of any hero (only in Xbox Live).Ultimate Answerer (30g) gets all stars in a song.

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