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Xbox Live achievements of F1 2010

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
World expert title You have won the World Formula 1 pilots in the degree of expert difficulty 60
Triple world title You have won your third World Cup of Formula 1 pilots 60
Double world title You have won the World Formula 1 pilots per second time fifty
A 50 You have reached level 50 in the games online fifty
Designñado to win Your team has won the World Cup of Constructors 40
World title You have won the World Pilot World Cup 1 40
Schuperiority You have surpassed a player the RéCord de Michael Schumacher of 40 wins leaving the pole 35
Against all odds You have won the career in a player afterés to leave from the last place 30
Top Congratulations! You have achieved your first victory in trajectory mode or great awards 30
Filming You have finished your first season in Formula 1 25
Strong pilot You have done the team’s strong pilot status inside a team 25
On the podium You have finished on the podium in the trajectory modes or large awards 25
With prize You have reached level 25 in the games online 25
Drop by drop You have scored in each of the races of a season 25
Pilot wood You have won a player career without any activated help 25
Meteor shower You have won a GP in mode a player with intense rain and running the 20% of the race or more twenty
By hand You have played an entire race with the manual gear change twenty
Important issue You have met the contractual requirements of a champion team twenty
Conclastant Victoria You have shown your companyñQui equipmentén commands twenty
Absolute perfection You have achieved the first position in the three free sessions twenty
Pole position You have classified yourself in first position in a player mode twenty
Coup of authority You have finished in front of your companyñEro in your first season with this team fifteen
On everyone’s lips Congratulations! You have signed a succulent contract with a better team than yours fifteen
Investigate What a skill. You have finished a race without suffering any accident fifteen
Ghostbusters You have registered a time in the counterreloj mode fifteen
Manitas You have won a career with the adjustments that you had configured fifteen
Perfect synchronization Qué crack! You have made a perfect boxes fifteen
Center of attention You have won a career in which they had raised an offer fifteen
IntréI ask You have selected the toughest rival of the championship fifteen
Flashes rain You have finished a season ahead of your most direct rival fifteen
Sweeping You have achieved pole with the best time in each sector in the individual game mode fifteen
Practices and more practices You have participated in the three free training of a weekend 10
Novel pilot You have finished the first career of your professional career 10
Public statements You have taken part in your first interview 10
Maximum performance You have overcome a complete R&D test 10
Doublet Fantastic! Your companyñero and you hadéis cool the first two positions in a race 10
Roadrunches You have taken your car more than 353km/h or 220mpph 10
From inside You have completed a career in a player using only the Cockpit camera 10
Silver bullet You have won the German GP with a Mercedes in a player mode 10
Second Chances You have used the flashback function and, in the end, you have won the race 10
Maravillado Jafazo You have exceeded a professional goal 10
Unforgettable You have achieved pole and the victory in the Monaco GP in a player mode 10
Typhosi You have won in Monza driving a Ferrari in a player mode 10
In the net You have won your first Grand Prize in an Igualada online game 10
A Round 10 You have reached level 10 in the games online 10
Without stumbling You have completed a multiplayer race without touching you with any rival 10
Curriculum sent You have surpassed one of the developers of F1 2010â „˘ or someone who already had this achievement 10
Until the end You have completed seven seasons 10
Full You were the fastest in the free, you got the pole and you won the career in a player mode 10
There are no two without three You have already won three races 5


Rocking The Boat (15g): Finish with your senior company in your first season with a new team.Practice Makes Perfect (10g): Complete the three practical sessions of the weekend race.Rookie Driver (10g): Complete a race.Face the Press (10g): Complete your first press conference.Seeking Performance (10g): Complete an R&D test.Hot Property (15g): Accept the contract for a higher team.ONE-TWO (10G): It is first and second with your teammate.Clean License (15g): Complete a race without any accident.Speed Demon (10g): exceeds 220 mph / 353 kph.Well Protected (10g): Complete a race with the inner chamber.Silver Arrow (10g): Wins the German Grand Prix using a Mercedes.Rain Meister (20g): Win a Grand Prix with a minimum of 20% distance with Llúvia.Against All Odds (30g): In lonely mode, the race wins after the last.IT’S A SET-UP (15G): Win a race using your own configuration.2nd chance (10g): wins a race after using a flashback.Seasoned (25g): Complete the first formula season 1.Well Drilled (15g): Make a perfect boxes stop.SEMI AUTO (20G): Complete a career in manual mode.The Magic Number (5g): Complete your third victorious career.Impress The Boss (10g): Complete a goal of your team.ATTRACTING ATTENTION (15G): Win a career after they offer you a contract.The Big One (20g): Know the requirements of the Contract of a Championship Team leader.Team Leader (25g): become number 1 of your team.BUILT TO SUCCEED (40G): WIN THE CONSTRUCTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.Crushing Victory (20g): overcomes your team company in all a season races.Schuperb (35g): Get the victory from the Pole position 41 times in your career mode.Made Perfect (20g): overcomes the time of the three practical sessionsPole Position (20g): Get your first pole position in solitary mode.Podist Finish (25g): ends in the podium in Carrera or Grand Prix mode.Top Step (30g): wins a race.UNFORGETABLE (10G): In lonely mode, take the pole position and win in Monaco.World Champion (40g): Win the 1 Championship 1 formula.World Champion – Expert (60g): Wins the 1 Championship 1 formula in expert mode.Double World Champion (50g): become a world champion.Triple World Champion (60g): World Championship drivers for the third time.Strength of Character (15g): Win your most powerful rival.Tifosi (10g): Win a lonely race with Ferrari in Monza.Taking it Online (10g): Win your first great prix online.Perfect 10 (10g): Reach level 10 online.2 and 5 (25g): Reach level 25 online.Nifty 50 (50g): Reach level 50 online.A True Gent (10g): Complete a multiplayer race without colliding with any opponent.CV Submitted (10g): Defeat a member of Formula 1 2010 Dev Team or someone who has done it.LIMELIGHT (15G): Complete a session against a rival Championship.COMMITMENT IS THE KEY (10G): Complete the 7 seasons.Clean Sweep (15G): Classify in the pole position of each sector in the single player mode.Consistentcy is the key (25g): marks a point in each round of the season. True Racer (25g): Win a career without any help.Full House (10g): In the main mode, the fastest in practice, the race ends and place yourself in the pole position.

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