Cheats Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

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Extra mystery

Use your magnifying glass to collect all lost tracks.

Xbox Live achievements of Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Gatito grooming Having groom the mustache in all places with a mirror. 200
Justiciero mustache Have saved Donbar’s life by Teléphonus. 150
Mule Have made eight mistakes… 100
CESIO CRYSTAL 133 Have put in order three times. fifty
DalĂ­ mustache Having made Mary Drower cry. 30
Imperial mustache Having unmasked the murderer! 25
Eagle Eye Have made all observations. 25
Cortex Have answered all the questions of the little onesñas céGray Lulas. 25
Gothic confessional Have finished all interrogations. 25
Snowflake Have put in order twice. 25
Donkey Have made four mistakes… 25
Quadruple gear Have solved all the enigmas. 25
Gandhi mustache Having opted for a violentfinal one choosing the bullets of fire 25
Dragon smoke Having accused Thora Gray of Black Magic. 25
Real mustache Have questioned Cust. 10
Hawk Eye Have made half of the observations. 10
SINAPSIS Have answered half of the little questionsñas céGray Lulas. 10
Romanesque confessional Have finished half of the interrogations. 10
Tré4 -sheet bowl Have put in order once. 10
Borriquito Make a mistake… 10
Ronroneando kitten Have accommodated at home. 10
Double gear Have solved half of the enigmas. 10
Diary Have read any newspaper. 10
Pedrada Have read a newspaper that criticizes HéHercules Poirot. 10
Incense Have read the last newspaper. 10
Black Swan Having been the cause of Donbar heart attack by Teléphonus. 10
Black dragon Having found all black dragons in Churston. 10
Bigotito Have finished Andover’s investigation. 5
Moustache Having announced to JAPP the second crime. 5
Mostache Have finished Bexhill’s research. 5
Glorious mustache Having prepared the exit to Churchston. 5
Seductive mustache Having finished the first investigation in Churchston. 5
Morsa mustache Have gathered all suspects in Whitehaven. 5
Hungarian mustache Having finished the record of the Churston mansion. 5
Archducal mustache Having prevented the fourth crime from committing. 5
Princesco mustache Having investigated at Cust’s house. 5
Cat Eye Have an observation. 5
Neuron Have answered a question of the little onesñas céGray Lulas. 5
Rustic confessional Have finished an interrogation. 5
Simple gear Have a enigma. 5
Nietzsche mustache Have concluded with éXito The Suspicious Meeting. 5
Freud mustache Having helped Donald Fraser to interpret his Sueñeither. 5
Einstein mustache The opinion of an old woman is worth the same as that of a young and beautiful woman. 5
Capricious mustache Have chatted on porcelain with Thora Gray. 5
Chinese mustache Have opened the secret closet of Sir Carmichael Clarke. 5
Thor hammer Have concluded with éXito The second interrogation of Thora Gray. 5
Spyglass Have registered the entire Church mansion. 5
Secret heart Having discovered Thora Gray’s intentions. 5
Red Cross Having helped Lady Clarke and A.B. Cust. 5
Gold abrecartas Have compared with éxito all the murderer’s letters. 5

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