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Easy experience

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has places to get large amounts of experience quickly.

The first of the easy resource points is located in the mission “Let’s Build a Robot Army” -Let’s answer a Robot Army-. During the part where we fight against some enemies with the help of turrets, the trick is to eliminate the enemies personally, without the help of the turrets. Another option is to get out of the mission before overcoming the goal and repeating.

The other is in the Guardian Mission Hunter;Instead of capturing a guardian, kill them and will not stop appearing, which will give you so much experience and objects until you want.

Shift codes

Enter one of the following codes in your Gearbox Shift account to unlock the following extra. Some codes expire over time or after using a number of occasions.


Wink to 2001: an odyssey in space

The title says it all. There is a curious guide to the mythical Kubrick movie and you can find it in Triton Flats. Follow the path of the video and you will reach a secret area with a monolith. Enter and you will see a psychedelic tunnel like that of the movie, you will be transported to a room. In it there is a chest as a reward.

When you finish, there will be another reference to 2001. Then, the monolith can no longer be used.


Travel to Triton Flats, follow the road on the left when you leave the building and be outside. When the road is divided, go to the left. Then he travels to Stanton’s Liver, again left and jumps to the precipice. Go for the rocky hill to the left of the gray building. Salta twice and you will reach the Exalibastard that is in a stone. To get it you need a Badss 2 ranking.500 that can be obtained by overcoming challenges.

Borderlands Xbox Live Live Live: The Pre-Sequel

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Polyphaceted You defeated the empyreo sentinel. fifty
The bigger… You defeated the invincible empyreus. fifty
To all roll Escape from the rolling object in the unprecedented temple. fifty
A continuous gift You tried the 9 game modes and the 9 mutant machine modifiers. fifty
Welcome be your attack, Iluso You completed the round for bastards without getting into fight for your life. Four. Five
Down the system You completed the 5 rounds of the Holocuple. 40
Stronger, smarter You completed the holocupule bastard round. 40
Cosmic Complete You discovered all the places with name. 30
Very expensive tastes You used the chopper to create a legendary object. 30
No pictures You killed 10 spy failures before they took a photo. 30
Helios guts You completed the mission ” Look where you step on ”. 25
A divided house You completed the ” ” mission of eye to eye ”. 25
Upper search You defeated the superior opha. 25
Master of the Lunar Mission You completed all optional missions. 25
Supremacy aéREA You killed 100 enemies with wolf. 25
No, I’m Athena! You killed 100 enemies with the aspis. 25
Has it served, no? You went through all the busácámaras modes with Busacámaras.Exe. 25
Executor You killed 10 enemies with a single confrontation activation. 25
HEñSpace or Space You reached level 50. 25
Shadow of your previous self You defeated 5H4D0W-TP. 25
Drakensberg, Schmakensburg You completed the mission ” artificial persuasion intelligence ” ‘. twenty
Quién builds the builder? You completed the mission “ Let’s make an exéRobots rcito ”. twenty
Helios’s rise You completed the mission “ home, sweet home ”. twenty
Brain drain You completed the mission “ science and violence ” ‘. twenty
The weapon in the stone You took Exalicabrona from the stone. twenty
Cohetero You launched 4 rockets from Elpis. twenty
Supersecreto stash You opened the Tsarpedon chest. twenty
I knew that! You equipped with purple or higher equipment in each slot. twenty
Challenger You completed level 1 of all challenges with a character. twenty
Lunar looter You took 10 opal chests. twenty
I come from very north You discovered the places with a serenity spoil, triton plains and Stanton liver. twenty
Over me there You discovered all the places with name aboard the Helios Space Station. twenty
Eridian explorer You discovered all the places of cañón de Ultratierra, Cordillera de Ultratierra and Vorago Soledad. twenty
Givesñor collateral You made an eternal of the lost legion kill 3 of his friends. twenty
360 without telescopic sight In the air, you rotated 360 degrees and caused a decrease with sniper rifle without telescopic sight. twenty
You leave me ice cream You broke 3 frozen enemies with a single machaque attack. twenty
Elementalist You made an enemy suffer freezing, corrosion, ignition and electrocution at the same time. twenty
To the rich tortita You hit an enemy with a manta. twenty
Quién needs air? You suffocated for 5 minutes without dying. twenty
Welcome to La Roca You completed the ” ” mission. fifteen
Disinterphering You completed the mission ” interferid systems ”. fifteen
I disparateé to the maydiff You completed the mission ” a new address ”. fifteen
Again, with more feeling You completed the mission ” The return of Captain Chef ”. fifteen
Hereén are you going to call? You completed the Missions of ” Sub -level 13 ” with 3 other players. fifteen
Guardian of Guardians You saved the guards of the poachers carñEros. fifteen
Modern Pelmazo You completed the mission “ to weapons ”. fifteen
Optional mission student You complete 30 optional missions. fifteen
Grind and kiss the saint You used the chopper to create an object. fifteen
Boca to mouth You resumed 10 players with oxygen. fifteen
Lunar teacher You arrived at level 25. fifteen
High sewing You unlock 10 customization objects. fifteen
Digitalize me! You digitized you in Clopttrap’s brain. fifteen
Alunizar without stealing You destroy the Tassiter proxy. fifteen
Totally challenged You recovered with éXito The cancellation key. fifteen
Shadows game You gave the source H to Jack. fifteen
Sociopata public relations You talked to all the holographic projections of CLAPTRAP. fifteen
A dog day… and cats You completed a round with the mutant machine. fifteen
The invaders must die You completed the mission ” Invasion of the Lost Legion ” ‘. 10
Shoot the messenger You delivered the Tsarpedon message. 10
Lunar Lieutenant You reached level 10. 10
Moxxi taster You tried all the moxxteles at the El Altibajo de Concordia bar. 10
The duelist You won a duel. 10
Space rookie You got to level 5. 5


5g  Space rookie reaches level 5 10g  The invaders must die the mission “Invasion of the Lost Legion” shoots the messenger between the message of Tsarpedon Lunaralcanza the level 10 Moxxiprueba taster 15g  Welcome to the Rocacomplete the “encaled” mission disinterpherdocomplete the mission “interfered” systems I triggered the mayor of the mission “a new direction” again, with more feeling as the mission “the return of Captain Chef” What are you going to call?Complete the missions of “sub -level 13” with another 3 Guardian players of Guardessalva to the guardians of the furtive carries pelmazo modernocomplete the mission “to the weapons” student of the optional mission Complete 30 optional missions Match and Beesar the santoutilizes the chopper to create an objectBoca A Bocareanima to 10 players with Master Lunaralcanza oxygen level 25 high seamsturadesblock 10 customization objects 20g  Drakensberg, Schmakensburg completes the mission “Artificial Persuasion Intelligence” Who builds the builder?The mission “let’s make an army of robots” the rise of Helioscomplete the mission “home, sweet home” brain leakage the mission “science and violence” The weapon of the stonesa to Exalicabrona of the stoneTsarpedon chest ˇeso knew purple!Equipate with a purple or higher equipment in each challenging groove level 1 of all the challenges with a lunar lunarsaquea character 10 opal chests I come from very to the north to decomThere, he descends all the places with name aboard the Helios EridianodesDescuesto Helios Space Station all the places of Cajón de Ultratierra, Cordillera de Ultratierra and Vorago Solitude Collateralhaz Damage that an eternal of the Lost Legion Matte to 3 of his friends 360 without telescopic gira 360 degrees 360 degreesIn the air and causes a decrease with a sniper rifle without telescopic sight, you leave me frozen 3enemy with a mantarya?You suffocated for 5 minutes without dying25g  The helios of compute the mission “looks where you step” a house divided as the mission “of eye to eye” busle superiorrotas you to the superior opha master of the lunarcomplete mission all the optional missions Air Supreme Air Supreme to 100 enemies with wolf!Kill 100 enemies with the Aspis, do not, no?Go through all busacamaras modes with Buscácáras.Exe Executive for 10 enemies with a single activation of spatial -level seal level 50 30g  Cosmic Completist Discover all places with a very expensive name uses the chopper to create a legendary object 50g  POLIFACETADODERROTASTE TO THE EMPIRE SENTINELA THE GREATER INVENCIBLE EMPÍRAL SENTER

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