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Easter Egg

Reference to The Gray Ghost There are several posters from The Gray Ghost. It is a guide to the episode “Beware The Gray Ghost” of the animated series.

Batman: Arkham Enter the Gotham police station and explore the evidence to see weapons and objects confiscated to the villains throughout the saga.

Superman Listen to the messages in Bruce’s answering machine at the Wayne Tower to listen to Lex Luthor’s messages. Some thugs also make references to Superman.

Riddler riddles

New game +

Complete the game to unlock new game + in the main menu. You will keep your Waynetech improvements and experience points. It also unlocks the difficulty nightmare.


Anime Batman: Connect the game with the wbplay account.Batman 1st Appearance: Reserve in some distributor or in the serious edition.Batsuit v.7.43: initially available.Batsuit v.8.03: progressing in history.Flashpoint: Included in the Premium edition or the season pass.New 52: Free DLC.


Most wanted missions

Immediately in bed (Batgirl achievement)

Balloons (DLC Batgirl)

Joker’s teeth (DLC Batgirl)

Box (DLC Batgirl)

Batman Live Live Live Achievements: Arkham Knight

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Murci’s fallélake Run the Murci’s fall protocolélake. fifty
HEñor of fear Wayne against Crane. fifty
The long Halloween Wayne against Crane in New History +. fifty
Like father Like Son Rescue your father. fifty
Gotham muses Rescue your friend. fifty
Under the red hood Disrupted the operation. fifty
The World’s Finest ObtéN 21 stars in Ra challenges using the Batman vs Superman Batmobo of 2016. 40
Life afterés of death Get 21 stars in Ra challenges using the original Arkham Batmobile. 40
Street demons Obtén 33 stars in Ra challenges using the 1989 film Batmobile. 40
Gangland Express ObtéN 33 stars in Ra challenges using the 2008 acrobate batmobile. 40
A risky flight Obtén 33 stars in Ra challenges using the sixties. 40
THE RETURN OF THE GATA Break into Riddler’s secret hiding place and carry out your revenge. 30
SUCCESSION PLANS Break into the door of hell and catch two faces. 30
Eternal Ends 50 enemies in “eternal gentleman” playing as Batman. 30
The curtain falls Obtéimpeccable sharpness in each “monarch theater” round such as Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman. 30
Réquiem for a murderer Defeat an old adversary in the challenge of Ra “Iceberg Hall” playing as Batman. 30
Do not be afraid Win the war for Gotham. 30
Trial day Win the fray of underground tunnels. 30
Guess, riddle It encloses Riddler at the police station. 30
Immediately in bed Discover the secret history of the park. 30
The true señOR night Batman against Arkham’s gentleman. 30
Hard justice Prevents pingĂľino escape from the curator. 30
A GIVEN HEART IN TWO Ensures the secret base. 25
Night creature City released. 25
The big leagues Obtén 21 stars in Ra’s challenges as Robin. twenty
Acts of violence Obtén 21 stars in ra -playing challenges as a nightwing. twenty
Relentless ObtéN 21 stars in ra -playing challenges as Catwoman. twenty
Shock and Awe Obtén 21 stars in ra -playing challenges as azrael. twenty
Motherlode Obtén 21 stars in ra -playing challenges as Batgirl. twenty
Major learning Obtén 21 stars in ra -playing as a red hood. twenty
Revenge without limits Obtén 21 stars in challenges challenges like Harley Quinn. twenty
Batcueva secrets Complete “Batcueva” playing like Batman and Nightwing, using only “beating” and without receiving any daysñeither. twenty
Cold in the air Complete “Callejón del Crime” without receiving any daysñOr, playing like Batman, Robin and Nightwing. twenty
Absolution Get 6 stars in Ra challenges. twenty
The angel of darkness Complete the evidence and proves to be a worthy successor. twenty
The great evasion Escape from Ace Chemicals. twenty
The city of fear Repel the assault against your ally’s strength. twenty
Breaking the ice Destroy the first gauge of Gotham City weapons. twenty
Dark loyalties Capture the commander of the scarecrow. twenty
The face of fear Whaté It is the downpour? twenty
Fear of éxito Survive the ambush of scarecrows. twenty
The doctor. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Prevents the robbery of the Bank of Miagani Island and encloses his brain at the police station. twenty
Ashes Ashes End the War of the League of Killer. twenty
Monstrous machine Find and detén to the serial killer. twenty
Story endings Locate the crazy hat in the CPGC. twenty
Resurrection and life Survive the assault of the militia. twenty
Evolution Locate a murderous crocodile in the CPGC. twenty
The frequency of fear Gotham City scan until you find the location of the scarecrow. twenty
Mortal contact Detén to the weapons and enfiéRra it in the police station. twenty
What the butler saw Complete “Wayne Mansion” playing as Batman, without using any device and without receiving Da Dañeither. fifteen
Peace night, death night Complete “silent gentleman” like Batman and Robin, use only ko per blow and do not receive dañeither. fifteen
Fire days Turn off Gotham City’s fires. fifteen
Innocent low Rescue the Firefighters from Park 17. fifteen
Favorite Son Get 46 stars in Ra challenges. fifteen
The Murci scarélake Heals méDico. fifteen
The way home Destroy all the transport of the militia. fifteen
ExtrañHazañas béLicas Defeat 15 enemies with any type of hacking. fifteen
The flash of a memory Destroy all balloons, teeth and surprise boxes. fifteen
An inner battle Fight for your sanity. 10
Handsome guy Destroy the second stash of Gotham City weapons. 10
Love is blind Destroy the Third Arrow of Weapons of Gotham City. 10
The Brotherhood of the PUñeither The return of the dynamic duo. 10
Mortal architecture Get a key by completing the SéRiddler test cousin. 10
Double incrimination EnfréNtate an old friend. 10
Fear of faith Rescue Ace Chemicals workers. 10
Gotham doors Destroy all the surveillance towers of the militia. 10
Gotham underground Deactivate all the explosives of the militia in Gotham City. 10
The Knight’s Way Balance the balance. 10
The devil is reborn Follow the murderer’s trail. 10
Lethal persecutions Get a key by completing Riddler’s ninth. 10
Demon daughter Find the well of Lázaro. 10
Hell on earth Interrogates the driver of the militia transportation. 10
Crime scene Rescue the First Rehén of the crazy hat. 10
Mental games Rescue the second HEMén of the crazy hat. 10
Seven lifes Get a key by completing Riddler’s test. 10
No man’s land Restoring electricity at Gotham City bridges. 10
COLD CASE Interrogate the lieutenant of the militia. 10
Puzzle pieces Get a key completing Riddler’s second test. 10
Out in the COLD Cryocamara tracks. 10
Rehearsal Destroy the fourth gauge of Gotham City weapons. 10
The internal beast Defeat the prisoners. 10
Riddler furious Get a key by completing Riddler’s fourth test. 10
Breaking the skin Access the high security area. 10
The cat and the Murciélake Get a key by completing Riddler’s third test. 10
Youth sins Get 23 stars in Ra challenges. 10
Strange compañEros of grave Displays the defenses against the downpour. 10
Gotham streets Destroy all the control points of the militia. 10
Question hot Get a key completing Riddler’s fifth test. 10
The cult Saves the victim of sacrifice and encloses the executor at the police station. 10
The fundamental riddle Get a key by completing Riddler’s sixth. 10
Fire in heaven Free the Noria hostages. 10
A glass house Liberate the Hostage of the Tiovivo. 10
The riddle factory Get a key by completing Riddler’s eighth. 10
The smiling fish! Liberate the hostages of the ghost ship. 10
The way to hell Complete with éXito Riddler’s first test. 10
Ambush Defeat 4 enemies while you areén intimate. 10
The trail of fear Locate your first supervillano at the police station. 10
The two faces of fear! DetéIn the robbery to the bank in Bleake Island. 10
The two faces of the same coin DetéIn the robbery of the bank in Founders’ Island. 10
With all the force! It ends with heavy artillery reinforcements. 10
A Jump of Faith Make eight different jumps of more than 100 meters. 5
TRAUMATISM BY CONFUSION Execute all types of predator elimination. 5
Cycle of Violence Fast use of 100 devices in fluid combat. 5
Fundamentals of brutality Executes 15 different movements in the same fluid combat. 5
Dead of fear Ends with 20 thugs using eliminations for intimidation. 5
Lethal metal Destroza and take ten transports from the militia without using the immobilizer. 5
Gotham afterés of midnight Plan for 200 meters less than ten meters from the ground. 5
Dirty cheats Accumulate three minutes of skid with the Batmobo. 5
The trail of gunpowder Get 50 critical impacts against light tanks. 5
Get out of my way Eliminate 20 moving cars without using the Batmobo. 5
Point of impact Make five perfect shots in a row with the CAñón volcano without receiving dañeither. 5
Fly by the jungle Fly below three of the main bridges of the islands in a single continuous planning. 5
Armed to the teeth Use with éxito the five weapons of the Batmobile in the same fight against tanks. 5

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