Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Cheats – Xbox One – Cheat codes, Guides

Band wars

Conquest London participating in these wars of bands.

Beer bottles

Locate these collectibles that you will find throughout London.

Unique material

Locate this type of silk in the following chest.

Secrets in Whitechapel

Complete Syndendate, Assassin’s’s adventure created in London with this guide.

Location of girls

Release the children, that you will find in the following locations.

Secrets of London

Secrets The Strand

Westminster Secrets

Xbox Live Achievements of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Studious of the stripper Get 100% synchronization in downloadable content. 90
A well -kept secret Jack is dead and his identity will be buried forever. 70
We Dance? Complete the sequence of memories 9. fifty
No ticket Take fifty enemies from the train. fifty
Mentor Achieve a 100% synchronization in the main memories. 40
Brutal Make 30 complete brutal incapacitations. 30
Maintainsén calm and keep going Kill a brute while calmly calmlyñscared eros. 30
Are you afraid? It scares 200 enemies. 30
War at home Complete the simulation of the First World War. 30
Almighty Unlock all the secrets of London. 30
Sweeping the streets Conquest all the districts of London. 30
Get them to fear you It scares an enemy and make another person kill by mistake. 25
Whitechapel’s new terror Unlock 50% of skills. 25
Throw Complete the sequence of memories 1. twenty
A simple plan Complete the sequence of memories 2. twenty
Modern Babylon Complete the sequence of memories 3. twenty
A rapid and effective remedy Complete the sequence of memories 4. twenty
Business risks Complete the sequence of memories 5. twenty
A getaway to the bank Complete the sequence of memories 6. twenty
In politics everything goes Complete the sequence of memories 7. twenty
The joy of being free Complete the sequence of memories 8. twenty
Friends behind my back Recruit a band of 5 allies. twenty
NATO CONQUISTER Conquest three barracks of bands and complete their optional restrictions. twenty
Body champion Win in three different fight clubs. twenty
A stadium room every time Obtén the first place in 3 different street races. twenty
Treasure hunters Complete 10 looting of any kind with Jacob or Evie. twenty
Catches thieves Bring three white reward. twenty
ÉRotundo xito Complete three fighters of Templars and their corresponding challenges. twenty
Children’s Help Association Complete 5 memories of liberation from Niñyou. twenty
Guardian angel Escort with éXito 10 shipping of allies merchandise. twenty
Powerful Reach level 1 of loyalty with all partners. twenty
Strange compañbed eros Reach the maximum level of loyalty with any partner. twenty
City cheat codes Get all band improvements. twenty
Craftsman Create a level 10 object. twenty
Bartitsu Learn all combat skills like Jacob. twenty
Ghost Learn all stealth skills as EVIE. twenty
Wonder of the century Reach level 10. twenty
THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Collect all dried flowers. twenty
History student Collect all historical posters. twenty
A Life in Letters Collect all real correspondence. twenty
Chimney sweep Synchronizes all the Atalayas de London. twenty
Current criminal Complete 20 mass events. fifteen
Furious Destroys 20 vehicles embistiéndo. fifteen
WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM Get five vehicles to go shooting at their horses. fifteen
Be careful there! Kill 3 enemies with a single pile of hanging barrels. fifteen
Do not steal the helmet for a policeman Intercept 20 police vehicles. fifteen
Queensbury norms Reach level 40 of combo. fifteen
Tornado de la Muerte Make 50 multiple auctions. fifteen
A sheet between the crowd Killer 50 enemies. fifteen
Opium roof It affects at least four enemies at the same time with hallucinogen. fifteen
Leaf from above Kill 20 enemies from a pulloline with a murder toéconvict. fifteen
Dirty game Shoot 50 enemies before they shoot you. fifteen
No hard feelings Destroy 5000 destroyable objects with your carriage. fifteen
Cervedofilo Try all London beer brands. 10
Needle in a hay Kill five enemies within the same hay. 10
Multitality Get 10 advantages. 10

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