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Unlockable weapons

Complete the following tasks to get blocked weapons.

Melee weapons :

Admiral’s sword: ends the driporg fleet mission.Altair Sword: Complete all the Missions of the Fleet.Bastard sword: Buy it for 18.000 After finishing the mission “armor y sword”.Governor’s Sword: Complete all renovations.Hunting saber: Complete all hunting missions.Katana: Change 30 UPlay points.Spanish sword: Complete the mission of Gibraltar’s fleet.Viking sword: Complete the mission of the Vikinga sword.


Admiral gun: Complete the mission of the bearded fleet.Edward Pistol: Change 40 UPlay points.English percussion sword: Complete all abstergo tablets.Indian Sword: Complete the Yanoon fleet mission.Scottish sword: Complete all sources, bands of bands and settlements.

Location of totems

These are the locations of the Indian totems.

River Valley, Dekanawida: 494, -658 River Valley, Otetiani: 109, -374 River Valley, Genessee: 369, -23 River Valley, Aarushi: 936, -48 North Atlantic, Fogo: 915, -67 North Atlantic, Gros Morne: 497, -30 North Atlantic, Terra Nova: 787, -480

Paints location

Find the caves in the coordinated ones indicated using agila vision to find the corresponding paint.

Evil Remnants: North Atlantic, Grande among (367, -482) Harmful Things: North Atlantic, Fogo (920, -66) Humanity: North Atlantic, Tera Nova (790, -484) Laughter and Tears: River Valley, Aarushi (931, -38) Lightning in the Sky: River Valley, Aarushi (946, -47) Mischief: North Atlantic, Anticasti (184, -152) Shadows: North Atlantic, Gros Morne (491, -308) Stubbornness: North Atlantic, St. Johns (866, -638) Swans: River Valley, Black Ridge (77, -771) The Challenge: North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944, -933) The End and Beyond: North Atlantic, Le Chameau (73, -472)The First Humans: North Atlantic, HMS Miranda (732, -178) Victory and Banishment: North Atlantic, Nerepis (126, -743)


Locate the following coordinates to find plans or cyanotypes with which to improve Shay Cormac’s ship.

Aquila Figurehead: River Valley, Dekanawida (484, -664) Aquila Sails: New York (493, -724) Aquila Wheel: New York (555, -491) Blackbeard Figurehead: New York (594, -476) Blackbeard Sails: NewYork (315, -284) Blackbeard Wheel: North Atlantic, Le Chameau (68, -480) Elite Burning Oil: River Valley, Otetiani (95, -367) Elite Burning Oil Storage: North Atlantic, Gros Morne (499, -311) Elite Explosive Shot: River Valley, Riviere Aurife coach (577, -300) Elite Heavy Shot: North Atlantic, The Apphire (915, -337) Elite Heavy Shot Storage: North Atlantic, Pearl Island (948, -928) Elite Hull:River Valley, Genessee (365, -14) Elite Icebreaker Ram: North Atlantic, Fogo (921, -77) Elite Mortar Storage: North Atlantic, Terra Nova (782, -479) Elite Mortars: North Atlantic, HMS Miranda (729,-178) Elite Puckle Gun: New York (500, -608) Elite Puckle Gun Cylinder: North Atlantic, Nerepis (132, -744) Elite Round Shot: New York (504, -348) Elite Set of Cannons: River Valley,Aarushi (959, -66)

Vikingas swords

Cava in the following coordinates to find Vikingas swords. After finding all, he travels to Pearl Island in the North Atlantic. Trip to the old place in coordinates 949, -928 to obtain the Viking armor.

North Atlantic, Yarmouth (190, -906) North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944, -933) North Atlantic, Burgeo (549, -588) North Atlantic, Grande between (364, -476) North Atlantic, Deep Harbor (584,-358) North Atlantic, Port Meinier (298, -142) North Atlantic, Fogo (916, -67) North Atlantic, Anticosti (188, -144) River Valley, Vieille Carriere (555, -42) River Valley, Old Growth(288, -531) River Valley, Twin Snake Path (662, -588) River Valley, Ash Creek (267, -879) River Valley, or du nord (945, -135) River Valley, Lac etarnel (427, – -370) New York, North Medum (386, -249)

Animal location

Arctic Fox: Burgeo, Harbor Deep, Miramichiliebre of the Arctic: Burgeo, Deep Harbor, Havre-Saint-Pierre, LewisporTelobo Arctic: Gros Morne, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisport, Terra Novacastor: Glace Bay, Grand-Entree, Nerepis, Yarmouthoso Negro: Sub Des pins, Otetiani, San Nicolaslob.East Alces: Sept-Lles, Ash Creek, Coeur-de-L’Hiver, Graystone, Red Bank, Riviere Auríferezorro: Albany, Dekanawida, Mount Vernon, Ruisseau du RenardlobTwo Bless, Vallee Verteliebre: It is common in many areas.Humpback whale: North Atlantic (North or Southeast) Orca: North Atlantic (near the center or southeast) Narval: North Atlantic (Northeast) Polar Bear: Fogo, HMS Shipwreck, the Zafirotiburon: North Atlantic (Southwest) White Whale: North Atlantic (West or in the southeast corner)

Xbox Live Achievements of Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Achievement |Description |Gamerscore
Templar before, Templar now Complete the game. fifty
Achieves total synchronization Achieves 100% synchronization in all the main missions. fifty
North Atlantic Master Complete all legendary battles. fifty
Capture band barracks Capture all band barracks. 30
For the empire! Capture all strong. 30
This is my war Complete all the interceptions of murderers. 30
Supplier Take 10 large supply fields only with the veteran trick activated. 30
Killing machine Kill 30 guards without dying only with the trick activated. 30
The end of youth Complete sequence 2. twenty
Making friends Complete sequence 3. twenty
Choosing side Complete sequence 4. twenty
A legend dies, another is born Complete sequence 5. twenty
The brotherhood, broken Complete sequence 6. twenty
Stirring sky and earth Complete the final corrupt memory. twenty
It was me? Complete the present 1. twenty
Is not dead, right? Complete the present 2. twenty
A dignified cause Complete the present 3. twenty
Making things clear Complete the present 4. twenty
Mata stalking Killer 30 stalkkers with a counterattack. twenty
Construction magnate Complete all reforms. twenty
Dedicated worker Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges. twenty
Ghost Queen Morrigan improves to the fullest. twenty
Camping Loot 20 supply fields. twenty
What’s mine is yours Loot 20 ships from ships. twenty
Lowering the fumes ProtéGete of 20 smoke pumps using a gas mask. twenty
Cartographer Visit all game locations. twenty
Ancient hero Get the native armor. twenty
Knight of Antañeither Get the Templar armor. twenty
Globetrotter Complete 17 history missions in the campaignñto Naval. twenty
Memory collector Obtén All animus fragments. twenty
Dominated Complete all the activities of a location. twenty
I’ll take it! Capture all settlements. twenty
GUERRERO DE LA LIBERTAD Release 300 British War Prisoners. twenty
Killjoy It counterattacks 15 surprise attacks toéinmates. twenty
King of the hill Complete all native hills and ice caves. twenty
Ninja Complete an advanced position without being detected. twenty
Instant Vikings Acknowledges 5 enemies with crazy grenade (at the same time). twenty
Bedtime Sleep 5 enemies with a narcotic grenade (at the same time). twenty
Hunting the dam Hund 10 ships in the North Atlantic without dying only with the buggy bug activated. twenty
I resist Hund 10 ships in the North Atlantic without dying only with the trick activated. twenty
Better times Complete sequence 1. 10
Computer friend Fix all Entertainment Abstergo computers. 10
Breaker Destroy 100 icebergs. 10
Icebreaker It crosses 500 meters of ice layers. 10
Unicorn killer Hunt a narval with an harpoon. 10
Defense is the first Survive a counter-absence. 10

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