XCOM cheats: Enemy Within – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

You win You win… all.


Combination of powers Deploy a squad of 4 improved soldiers, each with a different base skill and wins the mission.

Somewhere in the world Make sure the position of the new threat.

Denied apotheosis Take care of the new global threat.

Army of four Complete the game without buying a squad size improvement in classic or impossible difficulty.

Guardian of the Earth Designates a very awarded soldier as a volunteer.


Elite defense Complete a new special mission without losing any assets.

A real can Make an enemy commit suicide.

Tingling sensation Kill an invisible enemy detected by a modified soldier (in a player’s mode).

Steel martyr Displays three tactical subsystems in the same soldier (in a player’s mode).

Remington… Max Remington Make your special operations soldier to three enemies on the same mission.

Mental mines field Kill an enemy while attacking you psionically (in a player’s mode).

The enemy at home Make 5 modifications to a soldier (in a player’s mode).

Machine rebellion Deploy a pepper formed by improved soldiers and visp (minimum. 4 units) and win the mission.

The fury are ours Complete Furias.


Rompescudos Destroy the shield of an enemy and kill him in the same shift (in a player’s mode).

An alien touch Modifies a soldier (in a player’s mode).

Anger control Activates combat frenzy throughout the platoon (minimum. 4 units).

Be careful with the stairs Jump two floors with a single movement (in a player’s mode).

Good morning Kill an enemy elite sniper with one of your snipers (in a player’s mode).

Let’s see if you regenerate this Kill an enemy elite doctor with explosive damage (in a player’s mode).

A weight less than Prevents a juggi -aid member (in a player’s mode).

Look for one of your size Kill a Berserker muton in melee combat (in a player’s mode).

Good prospects Complete flood.

Mixing squad Displays a completely improved squad and wins the mission.

Long here, Zombiserradica la Plague.

Not pass Eliminates all alien waves.

Who needs limbs? Improve a soldier (in a player’s mode).

Mutatis mutandis Displays a platoon in which all members have at least 2 modifications (minimum. 4 units) and win the mission.

All on deck Get at least 4 dejected with Base Safety Personnel.

Nice coverage Use collateral damage to burst a car (in a player’s mode).

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