Wipeout HD Fury Cheats – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Skins for the ship



Feiser Zone Skin

Unlock the campaignñA IMPACT

Piranha Zone Skin

Unlock the campaignñto voltage

Qirex Zone Skin

Unlock the campaignñto voltage

Alternative design

Ag Systems Zone Battle Skin: Unlock the Turbulence Battle Skin Camp ńa Impact Goteki45 ZONE BATTLE SHIP SKIN: Unlock the Vortex Harimau Zone Skin Ge Qirex Zone Skin: UnlockThe Voltage Silver Fury Skin campaign




Anti-scenic route

Perform with éXito a sweep with turn while navigating the Amphiseum shortcut (back) in any event.

Cannon and On

Firo 5 opponents with chargers from the same CAñón in a single player in the qualifier mode.

Give Bomb

Destroy the 14 bombs of any detonator event.


Eliminates 18 opponents at any event for a single qualifying player.

Fury Campaign Legend

Obtén a medal in each cell of the campaignñTo Fury.

Hold Your Fire

Reach level 10 without shooting in any race or at any detonator event.

Just Passing Through

Pass throughés of 15 zone barriers at any area battle event.


Mark an impact with each round of a ca chairñwhole in any detonator event.

Stats Life

Get and look at every statistic in the game.

Stay on Target

MaintainséNte stuck to an opponent with a leech missile or ray for 30 seconds in a qualifying event for a single player.

The Pure Four

ObtéN 50.000 points in each of the following circuits of the zone mode: Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Corridon 12 and Syncopia.

Zen Evasion

Win any battle zone in mode for a single player with a minimum objective of 25 without absorbing.

Zone Battles Legend

Win an event of the battle zone for a single player (RACEBOX) with an objective of 40 in Talons Junction (forward).

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