Unlockable characters

CodeĀ  Effect
L1, R1, L2, R2, R2, L2, R1, L1, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Start Unlock the alternative bj penn/black trunks equipment.
Right, up, left, right, left, left, up, right, down, left, square, triangle, triangle, square, start Unlock Shaq.
Down, down, top, right, down, select, start Unlock the tapout characters (mask, Skycrpae, punkass).

Achievements Requirements
As real as it gets (bronze) Fight in a full -letter event of 8 fighting in Mod Event.
Baby steps (bronze) Win in an exhibition combat by score at Xbox Live.
Black Belt (Gold) Win 100 fighting for score at Xbox Live.
Fodder blog (bronze) Complete an interview after a fight in career mode.
Bobbin ‘and Weavin’ (Silver) Avoid 3 consecutive blows by balancing the body (outside or inside the tutorial).
Brown Belt (Silver) Win 75 scoring fighting at Xbox Live.
Budding Champion (Silver) Complete the title mode.
Cocky s.EITHER.B. (Bronze) Without respect for your opponent.
Coming Up Next… (Bronze) Download an event for event mode.
Fighting with Pride (Bronze) Dirty Boxea with pride.
Gotta Catch ‘Em All (Silver) Collect all UFC Toops collectible cards.
Hall of Famer (Gold) Competes in a fight between champions and arrives at the Hall of Fame of UFC in the race mode.
Honorable Fighter (Bronze) Touch the gloves at the beginning of 10 fights.
Hot Hands (Silver) Win 10 exhibition fights in Xbox Live consecutive.
It slices, it you say (bronze) Are there any doctor at the stadium?
It’s the jits! (Bronze) He wins a submission against an expert fighter controlled by the machine, not CAF, in the first 60 seconds of the first round.
Kay. Tee. EFF. Oh! (Bronze) Win a Flash Ko fight against an opponent controlled by the machine.
Learned Student (Bronze) Complete all tutorials.
MOVE MASTERY (Silver) Reaches the world class (level 3) with a technique or movement.
Olympic Mixed Martial Artist (Silver) Get all the types of medals and awards in Xbox live exibition.
Pound for Pound Champ (Gold) Win a fight between champions in race mode.
Puppeteer (bronze) Create a fighter in the mode creates a fighter.
Puppetmaster (Bronze) Win a fight against the computer with a character created by yourself.
Purple Belt (Silver) Win 50 fighting for score at Xbox Live.
So now you’re a Fighter (gold) Complete the career mode.
Steamroller (Bronze) Win a fight for KO/TKO against an computer -controlled expert opponent, not CAF, in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.
Submission Technician (Bronze) Win a fight with a submission transition.
Testing The Waters (Bronze) Play all ways at least once, try all stores and options.
The Cessation Sensation! (Silver) Win by all means against the computer (KO, TKO, Submission, Doctor Stoppage).
TOURNAMENT TITLE HOLDER (BRONZE) Win at least one championship in the tournament mode.
Ultimate Unlocks (silver) Complete class A, B and C challenges (red and blue corner) in a fight in definitive combat mode.
Under your wing (bronze) Coach in the Xbox Live training field.
Veteran mushroom (silver) Complete the Defense Mode.
Warriors, Come Out and Play (Bronze) Join an Xbox Live field.
White Belt (Bronze) Win 10 exhibition fights Xbox Live in total.
Yellow Belt (Silver) Win 25 scoring fighting at Xbox Live.

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