Tucos Tomb Raider – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

All tombs

In this video we show you where to find the seven optional tombs and how to progress by them:

All treasure maps

This video indicates where to find the fourteen treasure maps:

Bronze  Library mouse in 25% of all historian documents are 75% of all relic hunter documents consigns 25% of all archaeological relics 75% of all relics looking for problems in 25% of the GPS treasures not without my treasure75% of the treasures GPS carrńeroconsgue 5000 pieces of porterist remains that 200 enemies now goes to seriomodifies and completely improve any mayormata hunting weapon and loot 10 large animals (deer, wild boars, wolves) ˇAsabe a chicken!Kill and serve 10 small animals (rabbits, chickens, rats) Plumeromata and serve 10 flying animals (crows and seagulls) Precomata shooter 50 enemies with shots in the head in the mode of 1 Player predator to 50 enemies with the justicieromata arc75 enemies with the Creaviaudasmata rifle to 40 enemies with the gun shotgun to 35 enemies with the epic awkwardness gun to an enemy to release the dynamite that kills two people when exploding ˇ Come here!He pulls 5 enemies of projection with opportunistamata ropes to 25 unsuspecting enemies!Try a dynamite load in the air Cangrejomata sticks to the Feefee Charlatáncomplete crab all conversations with the crew of adventurous endurance as a game in each of the modes in multiplayer arte!He kills an enemy who is in a zip line in Multiplayer Traperoatrapa to a player with a pendant trap in escapist multiplayerObrevive 10 explosions in multiplayer good SamaritanoreanimIn multiplayer Crogumata to 10 enemies with a melee attack in multiplayer master of the explosives Mata to 2 enemies with a single explosive in multiplayer to make the monoburla 3 times the death with the ascent tool in a multiplayer narcissist item consigns a new character in multiplayer towardsAltoalcanza level 10 in multiplayer buyer Compulsivoconscansjigue all improvements and all characters in multiplayer Silver  Girl listing all skills in a lethal category consigns all skills in all professional categories modifies and completely improves all weapons ˇincazebable!Complete all the challenges a survivor was born complete the game ˇ I am the most!Win an equalized game in each of the modes in multiplayer great commitment to level 60 in multiplayer Gold  Remove sky and earth find all the documents, relics and treasures GPS Superior Intellect Complete all optional tombs Platinum  Authentic survivor gets the rest of the game trophies

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