Down but not out: Get a point with 2 strikes in an unimulated match Grab sub pine: get a strikeout in a game not simulated to Pitcher’s Best Friend: Make a double game in an unmulated game to the rescue: get a saving runningTowards the base in an unimulated match Don’s Don’s Call It to Comment: Wins after being down for 4 points after the sixth entry into a non -simulated Take That match: Get an RBI after leaving the base in a game noSimulated The Start of Sub Special Special: Lead an entry by hitting a triple in a Dual Threat game: steal a base with the pitcher in an unimulated match I Came, I saw …: hits a home run walk-off type in a game in a gameNot simulated Stooges: Take the three stroke in the race in a career in an unimulated game He Taket Away: Make a home run in an unimulated match I Like to Be Thorough: Make a cycle in a game not simulated no Hole Too Deep: Battle Back: Below 0-2, take a walk in an unimulated game My Main Squeeze: hits the pitcher in a game not simulated State Farm- The Road to Victory: Get 3 consecutive batters based on an unmulated match. Power Grab: Reach 50 HR with your Domination User Profile: Bring 200 batters with your production user profile: shoot in 250 RBI with your user profile The Goal: Finish a Team Season target in My Player Mode. Payback: reaches HR with a basic team in My Player Mode. Your day: He wins the game player title in a MLB match at My Player Mode. To Job Well Done: He wins more than 100 games in the season at My Player Mode. This is Why i’m Here: Have success at a crucial moment of the main league in My Player Mode. You’re Special: wins a seasonal award at Franchise Mode. (Play at least 20 games) Remember Me: Break a record in Franchise Mode. (Play at least 20 games) to Day in the Life: play a game in MLB Today. King of the Hill: Reaches the top on the Best of the Best staircase in Home Run Derby® Mode. My Fellow Man: Complete and wins an online league The Team To Beat: overcome the San Francisco Giants in an online match Complete Count It: Complete and wins a qualifying match the road to greatness: Complete and wins 3 classifying games in a rowLife: Play 10 qualifying games using 10 different teams Learning the Ropes: it reaches gold in todos targets


Mr. Consistency: Get a blow to all nine entries in an unimulated match to Virtue: FAC. The Top: Become the classified player #1 in My Player Organization The Star: Enter the Al-Star Team in My Player Mode The Hall: Enter the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode 2-PEAT: Win the Bak To BackWorld Series at My Player Mode the Champs: Win the World Series in Franchise Mode. (Play at least 20 games) Mid-Summer Classic: Play the Al-Star Game in MLB Today


One Man Show: launches a perfect game or a non-hitter for or higher in a game of nine entries in an unimulated match What’s Your Ring Size?: World Series won on My Player Mode


Walk off: unlock all trophies

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