Photography School: Take out a photo that is worth many PP. Photoperiodist: wins Montones of PP for photos and is again in the front row. Adult material: draw an extremely erotic photo. Mixed messages: take a photo with elements of horror, brutality, false shots and eroticism in a single snapshot. Pure emotion: take a photo of a survivor in a very dramatic situation. Full camera: Fill the camera memory. Great photo: take a picture of a PP sticker. Memories: take a picture of your company in a cooperative game. Photomaton: take a picture of a psychopath. Friends forever: uses the “instant” ability against a zombie. Medalist: Achieve a skill in a challenge in free mode. Addicted to challenges: get at least bronze medal in 10 different challenges of a player. Who has a friend …: get at least bronze medal in 10 different cooperative challenges. The experience of the challenge: get at least bronze medal in all the challenges for 1 player. Who has a real friend …: get at least bronze medal in all cooperative challenges. Zombreado: Take a dose of zombrex. Save the girl: rescues a damsel in danger of twins. Save the girl … once again: save a damsel in danger for the second time. Teconological terror: destroys a harvester. The truth: defeat the brain behind the incident in Fortune City. Save the girl … again: save a Damisela in danger for the third and last time. There is no zombies in the ducts: it unlocks the secret shortcut. Team player: Avoid a riot. Let the light be made: returns the electricity supply to the Yucatan Casino. Renewal: Defeat the Psychopath in Moto. [HISTORY MODE] First experience: Mata 69 zombies. [Only host] War of the hundred years: kills 1.337 Zombies. [Only host] Maleta combination: Mata 12.345 Zombies. [Host only] Domino chips: Tima 100 zombies with flying kick. PP hooping: wins more than 2.000 pp for killing zombies at once. City maintenance: visit 10 different maintenance rooms. World novelty: manufactures one of Dead Rising 2’s new weapons: off the record. LETTER COLLECTION: Gather 20 letters combo. Letter Archives: Gather 50 Combo Letters. The hands of death: unlock all skills. We have a winner: he plays a fair game and wins. Real colleagues: defeat five psychopaths in cooperative mode. Security control: suspended: kills 10 zombies at the same time with the attractions of the attraction park. Can sardines: put eight survivors in a vehicle. Party, party: I get a survivor. Vomitive skating: Make a zombie in a vomit puddle. Fran West: Transvesti: We completely dress with women’s clothes. Strict Hinduist: do not drink meat, dairy products or alcohol until the army arrives. Tigres tamer: Make Snowflake attack and do a psychopath damage.


Photo album: You took photos of 25 pp stickers. Hegemony: Get gold medal in all challenges for a player. Even more help from my friends: get gold medal in all cooperative challenges.


Prize photo: Take photos of 75 pp stickers. ňáSeis figures?!: Mata 100.000 Zombies. [Only host] Alfa against Omega: Make the SGTO Denyce and Dama. Boykin.


DR2 trophy teacher: OTT: You have achieved all Dead Rising 2 trophies: off the record.

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