TRICKS TRANSFORMERS: The dark side of the moon – ps3 – cheat codes, guides


Ratchet in multiplayer.

Click Above, right, down, left, up, start On the unlockable screen.

Another option is to complete the campaign.

Extra characters

Apart from the trick to unlock Ratchet, you can get him and Shockwave completing the campaign.

Allspark Unlock all trophies.


The champion Arrives at level 20 in any class in multiplayer.

Prime The campaign ends.

COMPLETIST Destroy all transformers symbols hidden by the campaign.


Granadas expert Eliminates 20 rivals with fragmentation grenades in the campaign.Chapter VI Exceed chapter VI in any difficulty.

Hit Destroy 30 vehicle -shaped enemies in the campaign.

Record: Bumblebee Exceeds chapter I with a minimum score of 1.000.000.

Record: Megatron Exceeds chapter VI with a minimum score of 2.000.000.

Record: soundwave Exceeds chapter IV with a minimum score of 1.000.000.Chapter II Exceeds chapter II in any difficulty.

Record: Ironhide Exceeds chapter II with a minimum score of 1.000.000.Chapter IV Exceeds chapter IV in any difficulty.Chapter VII Exceeds chapter VII in any difficulty.

Chapter v Exceed chapter V in any difficulty.Chapter III Exceeds chapter III in any difficulty.

Chapter I Exceed chapter I in any difficulty.

Record: Mirage Exceeds chapter III with a minimum score of 800.000.


Iron hand Abate 20 enemies with Ironhide’s body attacks in Chapter II.

astounding! Stun 10 autobots with the ATURDIR Aptitude of Soundwave in Chapter IV.

ˇIt what I do! Change vehicle before reaching the form change tutorial of chapter I.

Destrozahogares Eliminates land defenders from the secret base in less than 60 seconds in chapter V.

Jagged Eliminates 10 autobots with laserbeak onslaught in chapter IV.

Surprise pack In air combat, it activates Starscream remote control missile 5 times without dying in chapter V.

Sacrifice Be the first eliminated in a multiplayer public game.

Overload Use an active aptitude 5 times in a multiplayer public game.

ˇAutobots weak! Exceeds the 3 waves of Megatron’s den without dying in difficult difficulty in chapter VI.

Domineering Absorb 5.000 Health of Enemies of Chapter VI.

Kicker Abate 3 rivals with Bumblebee kicks in Chapter I.

Recruit Survives 60 seconds in a multiplayer public game without falling eliminated.

Search and destruction Abate 25 rivals with Flores de Granada in Chapter II.

Light-footed When an arm of the drill attacks, dodges all its attacks in chapter VII.

Good driver Avoid suffering from the proximity mines of Starscream in Chapter III.

Value tests Use only melee with the shockwave energy nucleus until you retire to your cryogenic platform.

Victims count Eliminates 30 disappicons while waiting for Reynolds’s reinforcements in Chapter III.

Ready to fight Activate optimus shoulder launcher 5 times without dying in chapter VII.

Vertiginous pilot It crosses the chances after Air Raid in 120 seconds in Chapter V.

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