TRICKS TRANSFORMERS: devastation – ps4 – cheat codes, guides

Unlockable characters

Grimlock : Complete chapter 2.Wheeljack : Complete chapter 1.


Bumblebee Health: Low Physical Force: Attack BajaEeaea: Altadefense: Half Speed Maximum: Medium Skill: Evasive Slidesupermovation: Bomb Barge

Grimlock HEALTH: Physical Senfuerza: High attack area: Low Defense: Maximum Speed: Medium Ahability: Dash Record

Optimus Prime Health: Physical Senfuerza: High Attack Area: Media Defense: High Speed Maximum: Medium Skill: Trailer Swipesupermovation: Power Slam

Sideswipe Health: Medium Physical Force: Low Attack Area: Media Defense: Half Maximum Speed: Highness: Rapid dashsupermovimiento: Missile Barge

Wheeljack Health: Physical medium: Medium Attack Area: Altadefense: Low Maximum Speed: Medium Skill: Energy Shieldsupermovimiento: Spred Bomb

Exceed this Platinum Games adventure with this guide.

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