Tomb Raider Cheats: Legend – PS2 – Cheat codes, Guides


During the game, click:

Bulletproof: hold L1 and click X, R1, Triangle, R1, Square, L2.

Suck enemy’s energy: hold L1 and click square, or, x, l2, r1, triangle.

Infinite assault rifle ammunition: hold L2 and press X, O, X, L1, Square, Triangle.

Infinite Lanzagranadas Ammunition: Stay click L2 and Press L1, TRIANGLE, R1, CIRCLE, L1, SQUARE.

Infinite shotgun ammunition: hold L2 and click R1, circle, square, l1, square, x x.

Infinite SMG ammunition: hold L2 and click circle, triangle, L1, R1, X and Circle.

Single shooting deaths: hold L1 and press triangle, x, triangle, square, L2, circle.

Mode without textures: hold L1 and click triangle, x, triangle, square, l2, circle.

Blandir to Excalibur: hold L2 and press Triangle, X, O, R1, Triangle, L1.

Blandir the soul reaver: hold L2 and click X, R1, O, R1, L1, Square.

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