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All secret areas

This video shows where to find the 73 secret areas of the game:

Cleptoman The authentic thieves’ teacher.


Something to demonstrate Complete the game in personalized difficulty of 700 points or more.

Detached Use 40,000 gold.

Leather legend Complete 25 optional robbery challenges.

Moral victory Complete the game without killing or knocker.

Infamous works Complete all Basso’s works in the city.


Yours is mine Complete all collectible sets.

Making extra hours Complete all work for clients in the city.

HEALTH DANGER Kill or knock 10 people using the environment.

Clear mind It reaches the final chapter without using the concentration ability.

Hard times Complete the game in difficulty teacher.

Modesty denied Add the epic amount of 5,000,000 or more on a challenge map.

The one who finds it is left Find all secret areas.

More steal and less run Complete the game in 15 hours or more.


Son of the Shadows Complete a chapter without alerting anyone.

Black goalkeeper Complete 10 optional robbery challenges.

Fast force a lock Strength a lock with the speed of a teacher.

Business hands Loot 100 pockets in a single game.

Everything that shines Steal 5 collectibles.

In perfect condition Complete 3 consecutive chapters without suffering damage.

Two faces Discover Lyegrove’s secret.

The hit Complete the prologue.

Isolation Complete chapter 1.

Dust dust Complete chapter 2.

Dark secrets Complete Chapter 3.

Hidden agenda Find 15 secret areas.

A friendship in trouble Complete chapter 4.

Obsessive compulsive Steal all the objects of the loot and collectible of the same chapter.

The helpless Complete Chapter 5.

Focus on what you do Loot a pocket and force a lock with concentration.

A unique man Complete Chapter 6.

Unpayable Complete a set of collectibles.

The hidden city Complete Chapter 7.

One step ahead Disassemble ten traps.

ALBA LIGHT Complete chapter 8.

Crystal rain Shoot a bottle in the air with an arrow.

Happy Birthday Sweet sixteen. Don’t forget to ask for a wish.

Old habits never die Find all secret seasoning in Moira.

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