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Terraria student: ˇhas started the tutorial! Home Sweet Home.: ˇThe guide has moved home! The full family: ˇ All the PNJ have moved home! Touching background: ˇhas reached the end of the world! Marathon Corridor: ˇhas Tour more than 42 km per land! Landscaper: ˇhas eliminated more than 10.000 blocks! Mass control: ˇhas defeated the Army Guest! Survivor: ˇhas survived at the first night! Icaro: ˇ From here you can only go down! The bonfire of vanities: carries a whole set of decorative garments. Prepare: Activate 5 potentiators at the same time. time to fly!: Enjoy the view. Engineer: ˇhas installed 100 cables! Under the blood moon: ˇ You have survived the blood moon! Is this the sky?: ˇHas found a floating island! It disappears in 60 seconds: ˇhas run tirelessly for 60 seconds! Terraria expert: ˇhas completed the tutorial!


Exterminator: ˇhas eliminated all the final enemies! Slimes eliminator: ˇhas eliminated Slime from all types! Bumper: You have all possible health and mana! Corrupt: ˇTu world is corrupted! Sanctified be your name: ˇTu world is sacred! Ophthalmologist: ˇhas defeated the twins! Bona Fide: ˇhas defeated Skeletron Prime! Ride the worm: ˇhas defeated the destroyer! Pet caregiver: Find all pets. Herrero: ˇ Crea 300 objects with an anvil! This is that burns: ˇhas forged 10.000 metal bars! Bright armor knight: You have achieved armor of all types. Manitas: ˇhas used all creation workshops! ˇAll hell and back!: ˇHas entered the underworld and you have returned without dying! Exceeds very high buildings ˇ of a single leap!: Salta very, very high. SAFE FALL: You have landed without problems. Elevator to hell: travel from the surface to the underworld in less than a minute. Calm the gods of the volcano: ˇhas sacrificed to the guide in the burning lava! Killer: ˇhas eliminated to the guide, maniac!


Accepted challenge: ˇhas unlocked the difficult mode! Can I repeat?: ˇHas twice eliminated all the final enemies!


perfectionist!: All the trophies achieved.

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