Styx cheats: Master of Shadows – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

All trophies Unlock all trophies


My treasure Get all treasures

Renaissance Mission 7 ends

Invisible and unknown Unlock the shadow badge in all missions

A great power Unlock all skills

Sticky fingers Steal 15 guards


Sharpshooter Kill more than 40 guards with throwing knives

Pretentious Do not use any object during a missionSudden silence .. Kill 50 enemies without making noise

Extraordinary Duelist Kill 20 enemies in duel

Your own medicine Kill a duel torturer

Serial killer Eliminates 200 enemies

How to look through the wall Incapacitates three or more guards inside the smoke pump of a clone

Suicide mission Eliminate a guard with a pump clone


Trasgo jump Execute an enemy with an air murder

ˇ Recognize your room! A mission ends without anyone finding any body

Indigestion Kill an enemy poisoning his food

Conflagration Mission 6 ends

Clone Army Create 30 clones

Aperitual Trasgo Give an orco one of your clones to eat

Pass key Open the 20 doors lock

Thirst inexhaustible Bébete 20 Amber bottles

The creator Mission 4 ends

Son of the Shadows Turn off 30 torches

Delivery Mission 3 ends

caution below! Kill two or more enemies by releasing a candlestick on them

Expendable Let 15 clones die

Reminiscences The introduction ends

Master key Mission 2 ends

Dodge this Kill an enemy who was tied by a clone

AKENASH’s atrium Mission 1 ends

Wrong turn Execute a murder from coverage

Melómano You have been contemplating the tree of the world ..

The architect Mission 5 ends

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