Skylanders Trap Team – PS4 – cheat codes, guides

impossible! Get the other trophies.


Chief of the Fight Club Complete all sand levels.

It has only been a nightmare Complete the History Mode in Nightmare Difficulty.Salvador de Skylands IV Complete the story mode in any difficulty.


Star, star Get 50 stars in Kaos mode.

Look, mom, ˇsin rockets! Chapter 15: It demolishes 30 air pirates without using rockets.

Spherical invader Chapter 8: Hit out of the 12 gold spheres, in the meditation pool.

Wow, ˇ That has cost! Reach the range of portal 5.


Maderil Liberator Complete Chapter 9.

Dreamcatcher Pilla Pilla Complete chapter 8.

Evilikin exterminator Chapter 9: Shoot 20 Evilikin runners during the flight sequence.

ˇ For you there is no pringue! Chapter 10: Travel to the splatter station without the pringue doing you damage.

Now you know everything Complete chapter 2.

Da Pinchy disfigurer Chapter 12: Destroy 5 DA Pinchy statues.

All caution is little Chapter 13: Full with all shield units during the flight sequence.

Without the possibility of escape Chapter 14: Complete the battle in the sand without reaching the rocket escape.

Survivor of the swamp Complete Chapter 7.

Gardener gladiator Chapter 16: Destroy 10 cactus.

Destruction of pipes Chapter 6: Destroy 4 piles of pipes using the cleaning yacht crane.

In the tightrope Chapter 17: Complete all the edge of tiles without falling.

Rańón practices Chapter 5: Destroy 8 Trol Transport during the flight sequence.

Make a barrel Chapter 18: Collect 9 coins while falling through the heart of the machine.

Preventive power Chapter 4: Destroy 1 Shuttle.

Square search engine Complete Chapter 6.

Destrocestatuas Chapter 3: Destroy 4 Chompy stone heads.

Chefs teacher Complete Chapter 5.

Kastigo de Kaos Complete chapter 18.

Kaos Master Defeat 100 enemies in Kaos mode.

Real toilet Complete chapter 17.

Bird friend Complete chapter 4.

Desert domination Complete chapter 16.

Arena Magnate Unlock Brock’s special sand.

Squadron star Complete chapter 15.

The Champion Complete Chapter 3.

Rocket recovery Complete chapter 14.

In your element Unlock your first elementary area.

Return of the future Complete chapter 13.

Héroe hunter Capture 10 villains.

Crusader of time Complete chapter 12.

Skystones carba Get 20 Skystones.

Krankcaptured Complete chapter 11.

ˇOly up! Take any Skylander to level 20.

The aroma of revenge Complete chapter 10.

Savior of soft drinks Complete chapter 1.

About rails Chapter 11: drives the train until the end of the journey.

Way to Redemption Complete a captured villain mission.

Not a coin behind Chapter 7: Gather 20 coins when you follow Marsha for the fog.

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