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Unlock Big Black

Enter the following code to unlock the character Big Black


Change the color of your sweatshirt/t -shirt/jacket

Press pause and edit your skater. Buy a sweatshirt/t -shirt/jacket and menu salt. Get in the store again and select the Customizable t -shirt . Select the color you want for the item, edit your bill and Delete LEL DESIGN OF THE Customizable T -shirt . Don’t go out and go back to the store. Just where you could change the color of the shirt before, now you can change the color of the appearance of your equipment. Salt and you can have all your clothes of the color you want without any additional cost.

Dem Bonez

To unlock the character Dem Bonez , complete all the objectives of the Hall of Meat  In career mode.

Unlockable places

Place Requirements
GVR Plaza Complete all street challenges.
Monster Skate Park Get a sponsor and complete the challenges filmed by teams until you get a demand with Rob Dyrdek. After completing this, wins 200.000 dollars to buy the park. 
S.V. Dam Complete all the challenges of Thrasher Mag.
S.V. Stadium Complete all the tranny answers.
S.V. Summit Complete all death races.
Training Park Complete all team filmed challenges.
Trophies Requirements
Amateur skater  Get the amateur rank online
Big Air Champ  Win to San Van-A-Slamma
Cooperation is key  Fifty free activities in line with your skater is successfully completed
Dethrowed  Download and get a place created in community
DIY  Stop thirty minutes moving objects in the race mode
Fully Sponsored  Get all the sponsorizations
Gender Bender Change your skater genre
Good Samaritan  Leave a security guard by chasing another skater in the career mode
Graphically Extreme AńAs a personalized drawing to your skater
Grasshopper  Make a herb leap of at least ten meters in the race mode
GVR Champ  Win the GVR Contest
I Like To Move It Move your first object in career mode
Juggling Chainsaws  Slide at high speed in race mode
Make It Big!  Use Big Black services ten times in career mode
Meet Slappy  Meet Slappy
Need for Speed  Keep maximum speed for five seconds in the race mode
New San Van Hero  Call Mickey ten times
ON TOP OF THE WORLD  Make an inverted in one of the highest points in the city in the race mode
Playing Nice Together Successful your first free activity in line with your skater
Pull the plug  Empty all pond and fountain in the career mode
PWN Sub N00BS  Win an online game
Race Hero  Win all careers in career mode
Real Estate Mogul  Buy all properties in career mode
Running man Scale a chase without a table in the race mode
Sandbag  Rompete at least fifteen bones in a single sliding in the race mode
Skater Evolved Remove the table in the race mode
Skater’s Choice  Win the Skater’s Choice award in an online game
Skitched Up Make a Skitch for a thousand meters in the career mode
Stairmaster  Make a stairs jump at least twelve meters in the race mode
Still Alive?  Win a death career in career mode
Taste The Mongo  Make a Mongo Push five thousand times in the race mode
That’s the way  Exceeds all Danny Way’s filmed challenges
The Architect A place created by you rises to the network
The Architect  Ten videos or photos of the community
Uninsurable  Rompete one hundred bones in the race mode
WHERE’S MY TV SHOW?  Exceeds all the challenges of Rob Dyrdek
Active skater  Successful all free activities in line with your skater
Anyone Else?  Win all professionals in Throwdown challenges
How You Like Them Apples?  Get all professionals’s phone numbers
Online Pro  Get the Pro Rank Online
SBM Cover  Get the coverage of The Skateboard Mag
Spare Parts  Complete all the roads of Hall of Meat
Thrasher Cover  Get the coverage of Thrasher
Urban Legend Too  Get all places in the race mode
Online Legend  Get the Legend Rank Online
Perfectionist  Complete all roads in career mode
Platinum Trophy Get all game trophies

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