Silent Hill Origins cheats – PSP – Cheat codes, Guides

Codebreaker suit

Enter above (2), below (2), left, right, left, right, x, or.


Bad End: Kill 200 enemies for the second time.

Good final: Complete the game for the first time.

UFO Final: Use the 502 room key at the Room Motel.

Ambassador: Get the final UFO.

Robing: Kill more than 50% of enemies only with your tender.

Butcher: get the bad end.

Cartograph: look at the map less than twenty -five occasions.

Collector: Get more than 300 items.

Salvador: Complete the game once.

First: Kill more than 75% of enemies with a firearm kills more than 75%.

Sprinter: ends the game in less than two hours.

Highlight: Use the flashlight for less than three hours.

Armero: kills more than 75% of enemies with melee weapons.

Temerario: The game ends without saving the game.

Explorer: travel a distance greater than 22.5 kilometers.

Firefighter: Save Alessa at the beginning in less than 80 seconds.

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