Sherlock Holmes cheats: Crimes & Punishments – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Problems with Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments? Here you will find a guide to overcome this story.

Perfectionist Get all the trophies of the game.


Never fail Complete 10 Qte of conversation without failure.

Methodical Get 26 character profiles.

Gray matter Complete 45 minijuegos and puzzles without jumping them.

Character of character Get the maximum personality score.

A complex mind Reaches all the conclusions of the game.

I never make assumptions Reaches six correct conclusions for the six cases.


Strongman Buy Cairns on a pulse.

Voraz reader Receive 3 messages from those whom you have condemned or acquitted.

Profaner Recover the golden dagger of the ancient temple of Mitra.

Patience, Captain Prevents crocker cometing suicide.

Your crimes, your punishments Finish the game.

Haunted House Cattle thieves in Notting Hill’s mansion.

child’s play! Complete 25 miniguegos and puzzles without jumping them.

elementary! Complete 35 miniguegos and puzzles without jumping them.

Good observer Completely examine 15 characters.

Sharpshooter Disarm the Mexican shooting the weapon he has.

Dogs lover Interact with Toby in each case.

ˇThe suicide is not an option! Prevents Lord White kite suicide.


ˇA the order, captain! Black Peter’s case ends.

Guilty brotherhood The Half Moon Street case ends.

Withered flower The case of the Kew Gardens ends.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei Abbey Grange’s case ends.

Blood and ice The case of blood baths ends.

ˇDake the road! The case of the rail mystery ends.

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