Cheats and secrets

Icosi symbol you use a memory card with a game of ICO, the agricultural horse will have the ICO logo instead of its usual brand.

Difficult mode completes the game in the normal difficulty.

Counterreloj completes the game in normal difficulty. To activate it, when you are before the petrified body of a colossus, click circle to play it again.

Difficult counterreloj plans the game in difficult difficulty.

Secret objects are achieved in the time trial mode.Whistling Arrow: It distracts Cloak of Force: increases the level of damage caused by the sword.Mask of strength: allows more deep wounds to the colossus.Lizard Detection Stone: Helps find the lizards.Fruit Tree Map: Helps find fruit trees.Mask of Power: cause more damage to the colossi.Cloak of disappation: it makes you invisible in the eyes of the colossi.Flash Arrow: Explosive arrows.

Brown horse gets all objects in the time trial mode, then click square on the title screen.

White horse gets all the objects in the Difficult Course mode, then press the circle button on the title screen.

Coordinates of the colossososcoloso 1: 5-fcoloso 2: 3-spat: 4-Bcoloso 11: 1-FCOLOSO 12: 2-GCOLOSO 13: 6-Eco-collide 14: 2-COLOSO 15: 1-GCOLOSO 16: 8-F

Static images in any kinematic scene you can freeze the image by pressing the right analog stick. R1 and R2 serve to zoom.

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