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Hero of Ancaria Get all trophies to get the platinum trophy “Hero of Ancaria” of Sacred 2.


Heroic perseverance Any hero that comes the level of platinum difficulty.

Legendary perseverance Any hero that reaches the level of niobium difficulty.


Sturdiness Any hero that comes the level of golden difficulty.

Diligent 2 Any hero that completes 40% of secondary adventures.

Legendary Any hero that reaches level 35.

Battleship Any hero that kills 25 chief monsters.

Butcher Any hero that matches 1.337 elite monsters.

Consecrated Any hero that completes the main adventure without exploring more than 20% of the map.

Survivor You have completed the campaign with a hero who never died.

Dark Ancaria Lord Any hero that completes the handed campaign.

Skilled Any hero who has rode on his special mount for the first time.

Porter of the Light of Ancaria Any hero who completes the light campaign.

Cartographer teacher Any hero that has explored 50% of the map.

Avant -garde Any hero that carries a complete armor set for the first time.


Discoverer Any hero that reaches the yerms and accepts a mission.

Lonely mountain Any hero who has traveled more than 350 kilometers in his special mount.

Cartographer apprentice Any hero that has explored 30% of the map.

Girovago Any hero that reaches the dragon kingdom and accepts a mission.

Tumb Raider Any hero who has read 100 epitaphs (tombs).

savior You have used a teleporter for the first time.

Bibliophile Any hero who has achieved 33 books.

Walker Any hero that reaches the orc region and accepts a mission.

Ascaron fan Any hero that has found the secret halls of Ascaron.

City guide Any hero that has visited the 42 cities.

Buddy Any hero who has played with three other heroes in multiplayer mode.

Traveler Any hero that reaches the Hissil’s swamps and accepts a mission.

Hospitable You have been the host of your first multiplayer game.

Adventurous Any hero that reaches Bengarsh’s deserts and accepts a mission.

Peddler You have traded with another user.

Avenging spirit Your shadow warrior reaches level 15.

Blessed Your Seraphin reaches level 15.

Dragons hunter Any hero who killed five dragons.

Combologist Any hero who has executed his first combination.

Globetrotter Any hero that reaches the jungle region and accepts a mission.

Expert Any hero who has taken the most of a modification of an aspect.

Explorer Any hero that arrives in Dyr-Lain, the island of the dried and accepts a mission.

Millionaire Any hero with 1.000.000 gold coins.

Diligent 1 Any hero that completes 20% of secondary adventures.

Ecologist DrĂ­adas that reach level 15.

Polytheistic Any hero that has discovered the 20 temples.

Hard Any hero that has forged an object for the first time.

Tyr Lysia hero Your high elf reaches level 15.

Medicine man Any hero that has consumed 1.000 healing potions.

Terrible Your inquisitor reaches level 15.

Greed Any hero who has completed the main adventure without buying anything.

Living symbol Your temple guard reaches level 15.

Respectable Any hero that reaches level 5.

Killer Any hero that matches 10.000 rivals.

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