Resistance 3 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


You can buy unlockable in the extra menu with points of the campaign.

All weapons 300 points

Infinite ammunition for all weapons 400 points

Secondary fire of the enemy 45 points

Some enemies have better weapons 45 points

Health regeneration 120 points

Health and ammunition are not shown on screen 45 points

Mirror mode 30 points


Short circuit defeats the Meroder in less than 60 seconds

Zoomata vigilante to Brawler in Haven without suffering any damage

Jardinerodstruye 100 explosive roots

Campanillashaz that popeeel and their reinde

Porterovita that the chimeras forces enter the brewery

Quiet under pressure defeats Brawler in the post office in less than 2 minutes

Sniper hunting gets all the rifles ofadeye while fighting with the widower in Saint Louis

sorry!Launches a hybrid by MT cliffs. Pleasant, pa

Damn laser rays reaches the first mining well without receiving snipes in MT. Pleasant, pa

Machacarros disrupts 10 vigilant vehicles from the train

Hello, driver 5 drivers without destroying their vehicles

ˇPuaj!Make 6 guards vomit at the same time in jail

Surprise box finds and shoots the Tuerto clown in the Graterford prison

No escape destroys all the vehicles of the guards in the vehicle center

Together in Estoderrota to the WBART IN Times Square without killing any hybrid

Good fence, let any counterattack between the Washington Square base

By the arsenal he gets an elimination with each weapon from your arsenal

Electromagnetic grenades overloaded to deactivate 10 steel head drilling shields

Easy Shots Mama 25 enemies shooting with the perforator through an object

Granaderomata at 3 or more military chimeras with a single grenade

Rain of members kills 25 grimes using only grenades

Vagon corpse to 25 enemies by exploding leeches

Born from BloodMata to 3 enemies at the same time using a single mutated body

Unit Retamontes kills 5 Patilargos in full jump

Arena man kills 5 grrims in a row only with head shots

1000 enemies bodies number

Malabaristaquema, simultaneously freezes and sneaks 4 different enemies


Rompehielos freezes 5 enemies and destroy them with a single secondary shot of the cryogenic weapon

Elegant in a choharrería freezes and kills melee to 3 devastating

Armeromejora 5 weapons in Campava mode

This is my riflemejora a weapon completely in the campaign mode

Puallada Traperamata to 20 Enemies melee when they are inactive

Tostadamata with an improved secondary shot of Deeye to several enemies, 5 times

Anti sniper uses Deadeye to kill 20 snipers

Electrical Avenue Use electromagnetic grenades to deactivate 25 automatons

Your joy in a well uses the secondary shot of the atomizer to kill 30 enemies

Alégrme on the day stop several bullets of Magnum to kill several enemies at the same time, 5 times

Fireworks use the secondary shot of the Wildfire to kill 6 enemy of a single shot

Thunder stick uses the improved secondary shot of the Rossmore to set fire to 6 enemies at the same time

You take it to 40 enemies marked with the bullseye

The opportunity calls 20 enemies with objects in the environment

Expert sniper gets 50 shots in the head in the campaign mode

Collector gets 10 daily

Library mouse gets 50% of newspapers

No waste gets 5 head shots with a single Deadeye charger

Gasses travel 30 km on foot

Land, sea and airviaja in 3 different vehicles during your trip

Perdigones kills several enemies with a single shot by Rossmore

Denied access absorbs 1000 damage with drilling shields

To the race he kills 50 enemies with the Bullseye or the Marksman while moving and without using the zoom

Bedroom full of death fussing the secondary shot of the magnum I.44, kill more than 5 hybrids at the same time

Friendly Hands Resuits a player in cooperative mode 20 times


Irresistible force complete the campaign mode in any difficulty

Mechanicome Master all weapons completely in campaign mode

Archivist gets all newspapers

Silenceodańa partner to the same enemy in the cooperative mode eliminating it 100 times


Brutalcomplete the campaign in superhuman


Platinum trophy achieves the rest of the game trophies

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