Resident Evil Revelations 2 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable raid mode

Cipher (hologram) Win 90 medals in Raid mode

Jill Valentine Win 10 medals in Raid mode

Unlockable Raid mode episode 2

Gabe Complete episode 2.

Pedro Complete episode 2.

Jill Valentine Complete 10 Medaollnes in Raid mode.

Leon Kennedy Complete 20 Medaollnes in Raid mode.

Claire weapons

MPM gun

Fire Power – 100.00 shooting – 1.96 CAPACITY – 9 MODIFICATION MEMBERS – 5

In episode 1 when trying to get the key of the guard hanging. Check your body when you fall.

M147s shotgun

Fire Power – 630.00 shooting – 1.13 CAPACITY – 2 MODIFICATION GLOODS – 3

In episode 1 after using the key that takes you out of the area with the gun you will see a body with it.

Machine gun-AB50


In episode 2, drill through the brick door where you meet Pedro. Is in a corpse inside the house.

Tap194 shotgun

Fire Power – 490.00 shooting – 0.73 CAPACITY – 5 MODIFICATION MEMBERS – 2

In episode 2, in a large dining room, push the box and put it under the shotgun to climb.

Magnum Model 329

Fire Power – 900.00 shooting – 1.16 CAPACITY – 6 MODIFICATION GLOODS – 2

In episode 3, in the manager’s office at the processing plant.

P10 gun

Fire Power – 150.00 shooting – 1.50 CAPACITY – 14 MODIFICATION GREENS – 3

In episode 3, enter the factory after destroying the statue that blocks it and sees the first side quarter, behind the barrels.

Machine gun

Fire Power – 60.00 shooting – 15.00 CAPACITY – 40 MODIFICATION SLUDS – 3

In episode 3 enters the tower and sees the room with the tombs.

Modes and difficulties

Countdown Mode Complete the four episodes.

Invisible Mode Complete the four episodes.

Do not escape mode Complete the four episodes in survivors.

Infinite ammunition for all weapons Complete the four episodes in no escape mode.

Visual filters

Black and white Complete the four episodes in all difficulties with a range S.

Horror classic Complete the four episodes in casual with range S.

Comic Noir Complete the four episodes in survivor with rank S.

Damn video Complete the four episodes in non -escape with range S.

Sepia Complete the four episodes in normal with range S.


Barry de Resident Evil 1: Complete the four episodes.

Claire de Resident Evil 2: Complete the four episodes.

Claire sniper suit: Complete the four episodes with the end “good”.

Evgeny Raid Mode

Complete the bonus episode “The Struggy”.

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