Resident Evil Origins Collection – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

Modes (HD Remaster)

Real survivor The game ends in normal

Invisible enemy It ends real survivor

Again… Complete the game once in any difficulty

A dangerous zombie Complete the game with Chris and Jill in normal or higher with the same sauceman.

New costumes (Zero HD Remake)

Complete the game with any range in normal or difficult difficulty and start a new game. You will have a key in your inventory that gives you access to a closet with new costumes for Rebecca and Billy.

Video guide (zero hd remake)

Exceeds this Resident Evil prequel with this video guide.

New modes (Zero HD Remaster)

The game ends in any difficulty unlocking two extra modes.

LEECH HONTER This mode was available in the original version. It proposes to locate two colored figures inside the CaserĂ³n building. There are special rules, such as each character can only carry a type of leech.

Wesker mode New way where Wesker replaces Billy. The story does not change but it has new skills, including lightning with your eyes, fast race and can combine plants.

Costumes (HD Remaster)

Inspired by Sarah Connor (Terminator 2) The game ends twice with Jill in any difficulty

Resident Evil 3 The game ends twice in any difficulty with Jill

The Mexican The game ends with Chris in any difficulty

Veronica code The game ends twice with Chris in any difficulty

HD Remaster (Chris)

Chris History in Resident Evil’s remake.

HD Remaster (Jill)

Jill campaign for Resident Evil’s remake.

Infinite weapons (HD Remaster)

Rocket launcher The game ends in normal or difficult in three hours or less

Samurai sword The game ends in normal or difficult in five hours or less

Discs and terminals


DISC 1: Inside the Secret Room of Library B.

Disco 2: After the stone in the crank room.

Disco 3: On the desktop on the laboratory stairs.


Terminal 1: In the private room A.

Terminal 2: In the bodies deposit.

Terminal 3: In the power maze B

Computer cheat codes (HD Remaster)

Near the end you will find in the laboratory a computer who asks for cheat codes to enter. The solution to the puzzle will find it in a radiograph puzzle, but if you have problems, they are the following: JOHN username, first password ada and last cell.

Beat bosses without spending ammunition (HD Remaster)

The ammunition is extremely scarce in the game and it is convenient to save each bullet for zombies and hunters. The bosses are very resistant and will test your shotgun arsenal and launched, but quiet, there are some that do not need shots.

Yawn (Large snake): The first time you find this giant snake you do not need to defeat it. Run by the room mask and flee. If you have saved Richard -whon Jill- he will take care of shooting. The second time you meet Yawn you will need to spend ammunition.

Lisa Trevor : In the first two meetings with this deformed creature is invincible. Simply dodge your attacks.

Neptune : After removing the water, you will have to kill this huge shark to get an object. Go to the background machine, throw it to the water, press a lever and electrocuta to the animal.

Plant 42 : This plant at the guard house. If you make the V-jolt and use it in the roots, it will be very weakened, making the easy confrontation.

Tyrant : The second encounter is a resistance test. Hold on the countdown and near the end Brad will throw a launcher a launcher that will fly in pieces to this experiment.

Healing plants

The pots you will find can be three colors. Learn its effects as soon as possible because they are the way to survive in the game -the curative spray are very scarce.

As a general rule, you cannot mix more than one blue or red in a combination, and you cannot add a red or blue to two green.

Green: Heals 25% Health Verde + Green: Heals 60% Health Verde + Green + Green: Cure 100% Green + Red: Cure 100% Green + Blue: Heals 25% and Venenoverde + Green + Blue:heals 60% and venoverde + red + blue: heals 100% and poison

Secret Message (HD Remaster)

The game ends in invisible mode (to activate this, you must complete the real surviving mode) in less than five hours.

You will unlock a secret message from Shinji Mikami, director of the remake and creator of Resident Evil, in addition to a gallery of discarded costumes for the protagonists.

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