Resident Evil 4 – PS2 – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable characters

In mercenaries:

ADA: The town level with four stars ends.Albert Wesker: ends Waterworld with four stars.Hunk: The command base with four stars ends.Jack Krauser: Finish the castle with four stars.

Handlick: Get five stars at all levels with all the characters.

All treasures

Separate Ways


– Complete the game to unlock the professional mode, the extra menu with the Bonus Separate Ways, Assignment Ado, Mercenaries and the film player, the credits, the infinite, Matilda and alternative costumes for Ashley, Leon and Ada.

– Complete the way in professional difficulty to unlock PRL 412.

– Complete separate ways to unlock Ashley’s armor and Leon’s alternative suit.

– Complete Assignment Ada and separate to unlock the chicago machine gun, which is bought for 1 million pesetas.

– Complete mercenaries with all the characters and five star rank to unlock the handcannnon.

Alternative costumes

Ada: Complete the gameshley (armor): complete separate ways.Ashley (Pop Star): Complete the game.Leon (Resident Evil 2): Complete the game


Location of medallions.

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