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ˇBetilla has returned!ˇBetilla, great nymph teacher, is free!

ˇA wonderful sound!ˇMarisol Doremi, the music nymph is free!

Food of godsˇmaitechu lyrics, the fairy of the food, is free!

ˇPeSC-Hadilla!ˇLulú Bina, nymph of the oceans, is free!

Mogollónˇeve rest nymphs, the mountain nymph is free!

Hiker find 10 hidden cages.

lightning!Win 5 speed trophies.

Friend of the EleconsCompletar 10 medallions.

Milkhawgen 1 Skull tooth

ˇPop, Pop, Pooom!Exploit 50 pomp of enemies

The EmompadorBurbujizar in chain 4 enemies.

I will be back!Play a completed map

without pain!Complete a level without scratch.

ˇThe sum!Absorb 50 things on the back of the moskito

ˇSin panic!Save all the tuned magicians ··· I say, Darktooneados in “Oh, how fear”.

My other I play with a unlocked character on any map

ˇThe crusher!Crush 50 enemies.

ˇThe crushing combo!Crush 4 enemies at the same time.

Kung-Fu combo make a kick and sweep in the air.

Boot, boot, my ballmpompar and bounce in 11 enemies without landing in icy delights.

survivor!Survive a piirańas pond without a scratch.

back and forth!Empompar a hunter with his own missile.


Explorer find 25 hidden cages.

ˇModo turbo!Win 15 speed trophies.

Hero of the electedcompletar 25 medallions

With your mouth they fill 5 teeth of skull

Of high flights do an hour of flight

the corridor!Real marathon

The fisherman king

ˇHipervelocity!Go at full speed a complete level

The Baron Blued the giant anguila in less than 60 seconds in “Anguilla or Angula”.


Great hunter find all hidden cages.

ˇNitro!Win all Velociod trophies the medallions.

shark!Win all skull teeth.

Nothing hard forever … ˇding, Dong, The Livid Boss is dead!


Sweets dreaming all the trophies of the game ··· ˇes the repera!

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