Rayman M – PS2 Cheats – Cheat codes, Guides


Choose a new game in the main menu, create a new file to save and write one of the following codes, instead of confirming the name ED presses L2 + Square + Circle. You will see a confirmation message. You can combine several cheats at the same time. Once the code is introduced you will not be able to save the game. You will need to have a memory card inserted because otherwise you will not be able to validate any code.

  • All the characters: Puppets
  • All levels (mode 1): Fields
  • All levels (all modes): Allraymanm
  • All races (1 career mode): tracks
  • All races (all modes): Alltibe
  • All Battle (1 Lum Spring Mode): Arenas
  • All Battle levels (all ways): Allfish
  • All “skins”: carnival
  • All maps with ancient image and music: Oldtv
  • 3D mode: 3DVISION

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