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Flaming Teensy: Get 440.000 LUMS GLOBOLK: Get 350.000 Lums Globteen: Get 20.000 Lums Glombrox: Get 75.000 Lums Ninja Teensy: Get 280.000 Lums Poglox: Get 500.000 Lums Raybox: Get 40.000 Lums Raymesis: Get 130.000 Lums Raymolk: Get 220.000 Lums Rayomz: Get 1.000.000 Lums Red Globox: Get 14.000 Lums Sir Rayelot: Get 2.000 Lums Teensy Hermit: Get 170.000 Lums Teensy Queen: Get 55.000 Lums Teensy Ray: Get 5.000 Lums Teensy Wizard: Get 100.000 Lums The First King: Get 750.000 lums

Authentic legend Win all the trophies of the game.


world Tour! Complete the world “Fiesta de los Non-Tan-Muertos”.

The chosen one Rescue all the tiny kidnapped.


Diamond addict Win all the diamond cups of the world’s paintings.

I love them! Win all creatures.

ˇHala, how rich! Gather 1 million lums and unlock the final hero.

The competitor Overcome 30 times your friends’ scores in challenges.

The old school Finish all the paintings of “Return to the origins”.

ˇSalvaprincesas! Rescue at 10 princesses.

ˇRec me! Win and scratch all luck tickets.

The hero of the tiny Rescue 300 tiny.

Direct to the moon Get rid of the five tiny dark ones.

ˇAbSolutalucinante! Reach the final level of hallucinageniality.


lucky one! Scratch 10 lucky tickets.

Nostalgia Finish your first picture of “Return to the origins”.

Well orchestrated Complete the “orchestral maneuvering” box.

Nebocombo Get a turnip on earth with a crusteat, and then stun with a jumping.

ˇStrike! End 5 enemies using turnhers.

ˇAy, oh, oh, what madness! Complete the painting “The most chachi mariachi”.

ˇ That is not a platform! Stay on an enemy with a shield until you try to attack you.

Ax skating With Barbara or Elisa, slide with the ax along 30 meters.

A heavy joke Destroy the parachute of 5 enemies to make them fall.

shoot them! Free yourself from 100 enemies with the flying punch.

That he does In “wrestling and feet in dusty”, that the fighter ends 10 enemies for you.

Gold addict Win all the gold glasses of the paintings.

Bouncing island Collect all the lums that fly on the bouncing island of “The Mysterious Normal Island”.

ˇBárbara is free! Liberate Princess Barbara.

ˇOjito! End 10 toads using your electric projectiles.

Bronze addict Win all the bronze cups of the paintings.

Raysam Fisher Tour “a very deep mansion” without touch.

ˇA clean blow! Save all the tiny from a world to win a Cup of Diamond.

Rubber ducks Destroy 5 rubber ducks sent by men shark.

perfect! Get the 3 lums glasses and the 3 tiny glasses of a picture.

ˇ and give it to you! Win a Kung-Football match.

ˇ What speed! Run as much as to save 3 tiny in a invasion mode box.

ˇ The applicant! Unlock all challenges.

ˇInvasores! Save enough tiny and end the dark to see all the cadres of the invasion mode.

ˇ It is everywhere! Participate at least once in the 4 different challenges.

The Lord of the closures Break all closures in the paintings of the worlds and levels.

First steps Win a bronze glass at the end of a challenge.

Ducks to water! Complete the “Glu-Glú” picture.

it’s good! Win a silver cup at the end of a challenge.

ˇ What cute! Win 30 creatures.

A true champion Win a golden cup at the end of a challenge.

ˇ Dragon Doma! Complete the picture “The Matadragones”.

ˇChincha, I’m going first! Overcome a friend’s score in a challenge.

We could be heroes Collect enough Lums to unlock 10 heroes paintings in the heroes gallery.

ˇ Rockanolea that castle! Complete the painting “Rocker Castillo”.

The friend of the tiny Rescue 150 tiny.

Silver Addicted Win all the silver glasses of the paintings.

The gardener Get 100 turnips from Earth.

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