Ratatouille cheats – ps3 – cheat codes, guides

Trick mode

Load a game or create a new profile. Go to the “Extras” section at the Options menu and enter the Gustteau store, selected the secret menu. Then write one of the following codes and mark them so that they arise on the video game. Some cheats cannot be deactivated once they have been chosen.

Code 01 Very easy difficulty PieceocaEcode 02 Enemies will not make you damage MyheroCode 03 Enemies will not do you damage, but the falls and the water yes Shieldedcode 04 the enemies will not detect SpyagentcodeHardfeelingScode Hardfeelings Code 07 Multiplayer Mode SlumberPartyCode 08 Unlock the entire concept art AURESCODIGO 13 Unlock all Dream Worlds Gustaudreamcode 14Unlock all the slides likeuslidecode 15 unlocks the solo sieteaulevelcode 16

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