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Secret channel

When the PS Vita clock is between 0:00 and 1:00 at night, go to the list of programs and you will see one with lights flashing, touch it to see a new minigame with Teddie.

Bronze  A prince appearsescue yukiko amagi a True man’s standrescue kanji tatsumi the lounge is closeedrescue rise kujikawa game oversecure mitsuo kubo boarded-up work u adachi fusion expertperform 50 person fusions spee Fusion expertuse 4 orMore people in a Special Fusion the nose doesn’t always knowexperience a fusionLines Going Novadeal Over 999 Damage In 1 Attack Skilled CommanderperForm 50 All-out Attacks Tactical Fightxploit Enemy Weakness 100 Times Fill Your Handget 50 Sweep Bonuses Grasping at Graeddefeat A Golden Hand Food Fighterfinish Aiya’s Special Dish Compulsive Compulsive Compulsive Reader Reader Reader Reader Reader Reader Reader Reader Read. s working todaybuy an item from theCapsule Machine Lucky Me!Win A Prize from the vending machine granter of Your Desirebuy 5 Things from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities The Momentbuy is Special Croquette from Sozai Daigaku Cooking With GasMake 5 Perfect Boxed Lunches A Special Lady Gi Fashion Platefight ABattle in Costume Head of the Classrank #ş in Your Class on An Exam Fishing MasterCatch The Sea Guardian A True Bondmax out a social link Bond Maniacmax Out 10 Social Links an Acquired Tascquire Tascedrink The Coffee At Chagall Cafeie Movie Buffgo To 3 Movies at 30 Frame Bug Bug Bug Bug BugHunterswing The Net With Perfet Timing Advantage Mineenter A Battle With Player Advantage Big Bro is Worriedvisit Nanako In The Hospital 3 Times A New maybe Kingwin The Miracle Silver  WELCOME BACKRESCUE MARIE THE REAPER BECOMES THE REApedDEFAAT THE REAPER MR. PERFECTMAX OUT ALS SOCIAL QUALITIES THE POWER OF TUTH CREATE IZANAGI-NO-OKAMI MODERATE BOOKKEEPER REGISTER OVER 50% OF THE COMPENDIUM LEGEND OF INABAMAX OUT ALS SOCIAL LINKS Gold  The Truth in Your Handsdefeat Izanami One Who You have come on their powerdefeat margaret thorough Bookkeepercomplete the person Compendium Platinum  Golden Completed gets the rest of the game trophies

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