Enter the following codes:

) B7@b = Die Cast BMW M3 E92
>8p: i; Die Cast Porsche 911 Turbo
S1D3K1CK More money in the game
%% $ 3/” $ 10,000.
0; 5m2; Lexus is f bonus car
?P: Col Nissan 240sx (S13) Bonus Car
!2bj: Volkswagen R32 Bonus Car
-Kj3 = e Need for Lotus Elise Bonus Car

Platinum trophy Platinum trophy


Finishing Beat the records of all circuits to master 100% of the story mode.

Retired History mode ends.

The most sought 50 persecutions successfully complete.


Celebrated Ends 119 multiplayer races in the position that is.


In the bowling alley with Hector Complete the Hector sequence in the “Kingpin” mission.

EAST I-5 Master the South Canyon Highway test.

Cross the line Win an matched proof multiplayer of police and thieves.

Bay Drive and Harbor Dominates Bay Drive and Harbor test

Tri-City Run Master the Tri-City Run test.

Pine Creek and Douglas Master Pine Creek and Douglas test

Safepapraater You have discovered the 3 professional stores in the story mode.

Pursue or be persecuted Win all highway battles in the story mode.

Delivery to heaven Flee from the helicopter in a complete persecution. (You must be at level 8 of history or more).

Destruction route It uses 10 police cars in a persecution and manages to flee in the story mode.

get out of my way! Avoid 5 blockages in persecution and manages to flee in history mode.

East Fasulo Bridge Master the East Fasulo Bridge test.

Zack’s trap Complete the Zack sequence in the mission “La Trap”.

Gold Coast A Ocean Master the Gold Coast to Ocean test

Amateur Acquire any 5 cars for your garage.

high! do not move! Take a photo and open it to

The cheat codes of the city Port crescent unlocks in the story mode.

Mechanical apprentice Customize a car in the story mode.

Activity expansion Unlock Sunset Hills in the story mode.

5 discount fingers Complete all target car missions.

Novel card Get your first car in the story mode.

Gather with Rose Face Rose in “Russian mountain”.

The first of many Win an equalized multiplayer test against 7 human players.

Gather with Nickel Face Nickel in “Fury behind the wheel”.

Hired thugs Eliminate all thugs in history mode.

Gather with Hector Face Hector in “confrontation”.

Irresistible force Avoid 50 blocks in history mode.

Gather with Carmen Face Carmen in “The Game”.

Tax waste Get 100.000 $ at cost for the State in a single persecution and manages to flee.

Gather with Zack FAC.

Skewer attack Avoid a band of nails in a persecution and manages to flee in the story mode.

2 birds with a shot Complete the “double problem” mission.

Mislead Success for 5 persecutions.

Nickel and lead Complete Nickel’s sequence in the “Revenge” mission.

Shipbreaker It disables 100 police cars.

To protect and serve Complete Carmen’s sequence in the “Revancha” mission.

The cat and mouse virus Another player has infected you with the police and thieves virus in a police and thieves test.

North River Expressway Master the North River Expressway test.

Nothing in stock You have discovered the 3 Store Stores of the History Mode.

first! You have won a multiplayer matched race.

The Master of the Road Dominate 25 tests in the story mode.

Active Member of the Community You have participated in some day in the community. Visit For more information.

I like my wheels Avoid 12 cloves in persecutions in history mode.

Community member Use an existing account or create a new one to log in to EA Nation.

One of the best You have won 25 multiplayer matched tests.

EAST I-5 Master the East I-5 test.

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