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Exceeds this remastering of Deadpool with the following video.


Get a gold medal in the indicated challenges to unlock the corresponding suit, in addition to an infinite way for that particular map.

Ballerina Deadpool : Great White News HQ.Deadpool chef : Citadel Courtyard.Classic Deadpool : The Watching Sentinel.Classic X-Men Deadpool : Beneath the Streets.D-Pooly Deadpool : GRT Plaza.French Maid Deadpool : Magneto’s Prison.Ultimate Deadpool : Catacombs of Genosha.UNCANNY X-FORCE DEADPOOL : Inside The Tower.X-Men Deadpool : Office Spaces.

Interaction in the house

One of the trophies/achievements asks us to interact in the house of Deadpool. This is all you can do.

– See television on the armchair.- To use the phone.- Pet the dog.- Turn on the radio.- The sofa near the window.- The shelf near the window.- THE VATER IN THE BATHROOM.- The bathtub.- The fridge.- The open pizza on the table.- The oven near the pizza.- The inflator.- The computer.- The Arsenal de Armas.

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