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Where to find the weapons

We tell you where to find the different weapons that Shepard can carry in the game.


M3 Predator : They give it to you in the prologue of the game.

Scorpion : In the mission “Priority: Sur’Kesh”, you can find it on the floor of the room in which Mordin asks you to reactivate the elevator energy generator. After reactivating it, look for the weapon before lighting the elevator.

M-5 Phalanx: In the mission “Priority: Tuchanka”, you can find it on the ground, on the stairs, just before the reaper begins to shoot you.

M-358 TALON: In the mission “Priority: Citadel”, in the headquarters of C-SEC, there is a hall with four offices, one of them closed. In the end there is a console in which you can activate the door, come back and you will find the weapon.

M-6 carnifex: In the mission of the former scientists of Cerberus, you can find it on a pipe in the maintenance hallway.

Arc pistol: In the mission “Priority: Acorazado Geth”, Tali is given to Shepard.

M-77 Paladin: It can be bought at the Specter office of the citadel, at the terminal, for 200.000 credits.


M-23 Katana: In the mission “Priority: Mars” they give it to you.

M-27 scimitar: In the mission “Priority: Palaven”, it is in the main Turian camp, on the ground, after completing the first objective.

M-22 EVISCERATOR: In the Mission “GraySom Academy: Research”, you can find it on a red couch, after saving the first student.

M-300 Claymore: In the mission “Altico Traverso: Krogan team”, you will find it in the abandoned camp, in the building on the left.

Graal poue: In the mission “Priority: Tuchanka”, you can find it next to a stop guard, at the beginning of the mission.

Disciple: In the mission “Lesuss: Monastery of Ardat-Yakshi”, you can find it after discovering the lonely Asari, and entering a room full of cannibals.

PLASTMA GETH shotgun: In the mission “Priority: Rannoch”, enters into the combat area in which there is a Geth on a balcony, kills all enemies and looks to the right of the entrance.

M-11 Wraith: You can buy it at the Citadel Specter Terminal for 250.000 credits.


M-4 Shuriken: In the mission “Priority: Mars”, you can find it inside a security room, where Liara works. You have to take the weapon before activating the security console.

M-9 Tempest: In the mission “Tuchanka: Turian squad”, you can find it on the ground after ending some enemies and climbing stairs.

M-25 Hornet: In the mission “Priority: Citadel”, you can find it after entering an area and taking an elevator, on the right part.

M-12 locust: In the mission “Priority: Horizon”, you can find it to the right of the principle’s laboratory.

Assault rifles

M-8 Avenger: They give it to you in the prologue.

M-15 vindicator: In the mission “Priority: Mars”, just before entering the file of the archive, it is in a security room next to the main hallway.

M-96 Matock: In the Mission “Graysom Academy: Research” you can find it when you leave the class, in the hall with the red banks.

Phaeston: In the mission “Tuchanka: Turian squad”, you can find it after chasing a harvester, near the dead tourians.

M-76 Revenant: In the mission “Priority: Ciudadela”, you can find it after ending a combat engineer Cerberus who is working. Get me up, and enter the bathroom in the anterior area to find the weapon.

Geth pulse rifle: In the mission “Priority: Perseus veil”, you can find it near the control room. Is practically on the main road, to the right.

M-99 Know: You get it in the mission “Priority: Horizon”.

M-37 Falcon: You get it in the mission “Priority: Cerberus Headquarters”.

Sniper rifles

M-92 Mantis: In the mission “Priority: Mars”, just after lowering a ladder, you will find it to the right, on the ground.

M-97 Viper: In the mission “Priority: Palaven”, you can find it on some boxes, in the center of the Tourian camp.

M-13 Raptor : In the mission “Priority: Southshsh”, you can find it on a bank, when Mordin asks you to reset the elevator power supply.

M-29 Incisor: In the secondary mission “Tuchanka: bomb”, it is on a ramp, after the first combat zone.

Javelin: You get it in the mission “Rannoch: Admiral Koris”.

M-98 Widow: You get it in the mission “Priority: Bessia”.

Black Widow: Buy it for 250.000 credits in the Specter office in the citadel.


Old dog returns to active duty

Wars of wars peat a murderer

Mobilizersube on board a veteran officer

Mundos Shaw of an atlas displayed from the orbit

Pioneer explains a lost city

Tunnel rat survives swarm

Etcighes sabotea a battleship

Difficult White Solicite an orbital attack

Sabotage neutralizes a group of hunting squads

Mediatorvance to a political confrontation

Last executing witness

Well related sends a warning by galaxy

Inquired the monstrous origin of an enemy

LiberatorEvita A kidnapping of Cerberus

Problem solving evacuate scientific facilities

Patriot Emprende the final assault

Compulsive Buyer Visit a store in the campaign for a player

Lost objects 10 probes to rescue people or resources in reaper territory

A personal touch modifies a weapon

Lover or revive a romantic relationship

Concentrate develop any of your powers to range 6

Recruamata to 250 enemies

Soldier kills 1000 enemies

Pegónmato to 100 enemies with melee attacks

Intocable flee from a reaper on the map of the galaxy

Defender achieves the highest level of preparation on all war fronts

Specialist in overload overload the shields of 100 enemies

High flight to 100 enemies with your powers

Piómano sets fire to 100 enemies with your powers

The hurricane eye kills a brute while charging ti

10 guardians with front shots on the head while they wear shields

Kidnapping A Mecca Atlas

Matagigantes defeat a harvester

Aistador employee a multiplayer character or customizes one in the campaign for a player

Serviciocompleta period all multiplayer maps or all N7 missions for a player

Always prepared get two armor that cannot be customized

Tourly a multiplayer game or two N7 missions

Explorer Complete three multiplayer games or five missions N 7

The level 15 is almost reached in multiplayer or level 50 in mode for 1 player

In full form level 20 in multiplayer or level 60 in mode for 1 player

Full of scars amounts to a multiplayer character to the galaxy at war or a ME3 character imports

Unwavering complete all multiplayer maps in gold or all the missions of 1 player in madness



Captain of the Fleeta Auto most of the resources of the galaxy at war to the final conflict

Prolonged Service Medal The game twice, or once with an imported game of Mass Effect 2

Operation will combine any mixture of 50 biotic combinations or technological explosions

5000 enemies veteranomata

Armeromejora any weapon at level 10


Locouratermina the game in madness mode without changing the difficulty after leaving the earth

Unconstible complete all multiplayer maps in gold or all the missions of a player in madness mode


Elite n7 consigns the rest of the game trophies

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