Lightning Returns cheats: Final Fantasy XIII – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Alternative costumes

Complete the task indicated to get extra costumes:

Guardian Corps: Have a Final Fantasy XIII game.Knight of Etro: Have a Final Fantasy XIII-2.Siegfried: win the final boss of the demo and upload your score.Ussusemi: Play the game of the game.

Location spheres in The Wildlands

Exceeds the last adventure of Final Fantasy XIII with this Lightning Returns guide: Final Fantasy XIII.

Luxerion spheres location

Incombustible light For having achieved all the trophies and having reached perfection.


Destruction outfit For having achieved an outfit that houses supreme destructive magic.

Desert matadragones For having finished with Drabolik, the malefic Saurio of the Purgation Dunas.

Beast of beasts For having completed the supreme crucible and having transferred any human limit.

The dawn of your world For having defeated the supreme god and guiding humans to a new land.


Critical hit For having caused a number of damages that exceed all logic.13 + 1 For having achieved the unthinkable and prolonging the life of the world one more day with the power of Nimbo.

Epic heroine For having reached the victory in battle on 500 occasions.

Mythical apotecaria For having obtained an elixir.

Merciful Redeemer For having completed 25 Missions of the Redeemer of Souls.

Essence collector For having deployed value and get 50 soul essences.Exterminator angel For having defeated the last ten and provoking the extinction of its species.


Cazalagartos For having hunted 30 lizards in the purge dunes.

Breat desk For changing the colors of an outfit for the first time.

Steel teacher For improving weapons 30 times.

Legend Escudera For improving shields 30 times.

Estylist in practices For having personalized an archetype for the first time.

Professional forge For improving accessories 30 times.

Divine stylist For having achieved 30 outfits.

Redemption route For having completed five missions of the redeemer of souls.

Father, son and chocobita For having recovered the lost smile of a father and his most important treasure: his son.

Valor of chaos For having entered the supreme chaos of the sanctuary of wild brands.

Novel forge For improving an accessory for the first time.

In search of the lost car For having traveled the ruins of the purge dunes and finding his ancestral treasure.

Adventor’s advent For having learned the essentials about the world and taking the first steps as sent from the Most High.

Lethal heroine For having reached the victory in battle on 100 occasions.

Rookie squire For having improved a shield for the first time.

Classic heroine For having reached the victory in battle on 300 occasions.

Armero apprentice For having improved for the first time a weapon.

The hero flies free For having shone with his own light in Yusnaan’s work and save the patron.

You sylbame For having completed 25 Missions of the Plan de los Pricos.

A future for both For having shed light on Luxerion’s enigmas.

A world in the backpack For having traveled the four regions that make up Nova Chrysalia.

Pajaritos crown For having stunned enemies 50 times.

The train chacachá For having traveled all the routes of the Monorraíl de Nova Chrysalia.

The miracle that brings the light For having consumed 50 pg with the divine gifts.

Savachocobos For having care of the white chocobo in the wild brands and helping him recover completely.

In good time For having defended you precisely.

Queen of the Coso For having achieved ten victories in Yusnaan’s fore.

HEALDO DE LA DEATH For having dejected one last, the only living specimen of a breed of monsters.

Resurgence crimson For having breathed new life to a broken sheet and having returned his true power.

Beginner of synthesis For having synthesized for the first time skills.

Synthesis wise For having synthesized skills 30 times.

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