Lego Marvel Super Heroes Cheats – Psvita – Cheat codes, Guides


Go to Deadpool’s room to the left of the lobby. Enter the following codes on the first computer computer to unlock the indicated.



Black Catp9owl0 (the last is a zero)

Captain America (classic) 7hwu4l

Carnageaa0z50 (the two are zeros)

Howard The Duckj58RSS


Iron Man (Mark 17 “Heart Breaker”) 2ngsrz

Iron Man (Mark 38 “Hulkbuster”) CK7SDS

Iron Patriotq5x1J5

ModeKSZ8Q06 (it’s a zero)

Pumpkin Chopper 35e41W

Shield Staff Card5B7O3 (it’s a letter O)

Spider Bikesh9mzq

Spider-Man (Future Foundation) WFOZXQ



Wolverine (With Hood “Cowl”) OAW2LB

X2 Red BrickuzfBG4

ˇTu no fabulous prize! Collect all trophies


Embolsado and embarked Complete the game 100%


The armor room Unlock all Iron Man’s armor

Super, superhero Unlock the creator

Super Hero Complete all challenges

Better than an infinity glovelete Collect all red bricksAvengers (and others) gatherings Collect all the characters

The end of phase 1? Complete all levels

The best of all in what you do Unlock all wolverine versions

The first family Unlock the future foundation charactersSpider wars Unlock all Spiderman’s costumes


ż qoagente x??? Pass massacre with massacre

Heroic Complete all challenges at 20 levels

Maximum anulatory? Bah! Complete ” Heroes against Galactus ”The endless battle between good and evil He beats Red Skull with Captain America and Captain America (SGM)

I do not recognize your authority Complete ” Asteroid m: confrontation ”

Hero Complete all the challenges at a level

I have you Call Pepper Potts (Rescue) while playing with Tony Stark

I would say this seems like a marriage Expires Dr. Octopus with Aunt May

The clones saga He beats the green goblin with scarlet (classic) spark

Damon Ryder! Are you? Expatr

Welcome to the mutant nation Complete ” Island M ”

Sometimes you won’t fall into the trap? Buy the 3 Loki holograms with Thor in “ Heroes against Galactus, hunting ”

Changing roles Win the green goblin with Gwen Stacy

I don’t like what is going to happen Call Thor for fighting Loki

Hey, we know us? Make Captain America and the human torch appear on the same screen

Carbon nanotubes to win Complete ” Asteroid m: space ”

It is not such a weak human Complete a level with banner

The children of the atom Complete ” New York Nuclear Power Plant ”I would do well a company War machine calls while playing with Iron ManAnd now… Wolverine! Call Wolverine to end abomination

VICTOR VON DOOM NEFASTO Complete ” Dr. Death’s tank vessel ”

Punisher hits twice Call Punisher twice while playing with Spiderman

Diplomatic immunity Complete ” Castle of Doctor Death ”

Dr. Death prisoners Dr. Death beaten with each member of the fantastic 4

1407 GrayMalkin Lane Complete ” Mansion X ”

Falcon eye, ˇThe shooter! Complete ” Stark Tower – Stark Garage ”, ‘Stark Laboratory’ and ” Outdo

We are no longer in Oklahoma Complete “Asgard”Thunder and lightning… Team with Beast and Star-Lord

Welcome to the secret base of Hydra Complete ” Base Hydra ”

Give Daredevil the value it deserves Call Daredevil when there is only one heart left 12% of loans’ ” ‘Torre Stark’ ”

The arrival of Galactus Complete ” Heroes against Galactus, assault on the helitransporte ” with the thing

Maximum, maximum security Complete ” The raft ”If it is the day of cataclysm… Complete ” Heroes against Galactus, hunting ” with human torch

A authentic elf Complete ” Oscorp ”

The surprising Silver Surfer saga Complete ” Heroes against Galactus, Final Battle ” With Silver Surfer

Walter wouldn’t like that Complete ” Baxter Building ”

Green policies Iron Man (Hulkbuster) with Hulk

A not so secret war Complete ” Sand Central ” StationAs the first appearance of Dr. Octopus… Dr. Octopus expires with human torch on your team

Coulson Vive Buy Loki with agent Coulson in Asgard

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