Lego cheats: the hobbit – psvita – cheat codes, guides


Enter the following cheat codes to get the following characters.

Azog 84ZZSU

Barliman Butterbur XTVM8C

Braga mxuxko

Sauron oara3d

More characters

Enter the following codes to unlock more characters. Keep in mind that they will not be saved and you must enter the code each game.


The route continues incessantly Get all trophies


Authentic adventurer Collect 100.000.000 pieces

River of gold Complete all the challenges of golden bricks in the game

The end of the trip Complete the main levels of history


A mind disease Open all treasure chests on the world map

Red bricks Unlocks and manufactures all red bricks in the game

A adventure? Complete all missions on the world map

Great craftsman Unlock and create all the game’s lego kits and miniks


Little traveled path He travels to Moria, high moors, Dol Guldur and Erebor’s throne room after visiting them in the main story

Lunar runes Find all hidden nodules on the world map with the lunar altar in Rivendel

Mind the Gap Make 20 enemies run over by mine wagons in “ Combat quota ” ‘

The world awaits you Complete all mineral constructions on the world map to unlock all secondary roads

More and more deepened Extract all mining points in “ Las Mines de Erebor ”

Catapult He launches 10 enemies with catapults in “ Troops fight ” ‘

second round! Buy Azog with Thrór

Finishing Expires 20 enemies with the attack attack on the ground

Return to Sender Deviates 3 arrows to your goalkeeper with an ordinary attack

Supermovation Expires 4 enemies at the same time with a supermovimiento

A city turned into ashes Complete ” The mines of Erebor ”, ” The arrival of Smaug ” and ” Thrór’s disease ”

Refresh the memory Unlock and buy all tips in the game

In a hole in the ground… Complete ” Closed Bolsón ”

Library mouse Unlock and buy all descriptions of places in the game

He returned to where he had emerged Complete ” The Battle of Moria ” and ” Azog el Pranador ” ‘

The people of the Middle Earth Unlock and buy all the biographies of the characters in the game

ˇ and be like stone! Complete ” The Trolls de la Monta ”, ” The Battle of Trolls’ ‘and’ ‘El Alba’ ”

Good company Unlock and buy all the characters in the game

It seems rather a abrecartas Complete ” The Botín de Trolls ”, ‘Wargos de Gundabad’ ‘and’ ‘The Hidden Valley’ ”

Bestial Buy 10 Wargos with Beorn (bear)

More than a thunder storm Complete ” Battle of thunder ”

People need food Use all fishing points in the game with bard

It will be enough Complete ” City of Trasos’ ‘,’ ‘Riddles in the darkness” and ” The Great Trasgo ” ‘

My treasure Excuse 10 enemies with Gollum while wearing the unique ring

I think the worst has happened Complete ” to the trees ‘and’ ” The return of azog ”

Roar orchestra Destroy all the slug of roaring with beorn (bear)

What do you need? Complete ” The Legend of Beorn ” and ” The Beorn estate ” ‘

History of a first leg and a return Complete ” closed bag ” a second time after completing all the other levels

ˇ venenous! ˇ venenous! Complete ” Black Forest ”, ‘The Begindro de Dol Guldur’ ‘and’ ‘Bilbo and the Ring’ ”

Up arms Complete all micronivels in the game

Flight of the king’s dungeons Complete ” The escape plan of Bilbo ”, ” The Elfica Puerta ” and ” The Black Forest River ” ‘

What have we done? Complete all golden brick constructions on the world map

The return of the king of the mountain Complete “ La Armería ”, ” The Leaves of Kings ” and ‘Bolgo’ ”

World builder Place a Lego kit or minikit on all the lego plates on the world map

He is gathering his servants Complete ” Las Tombas: high moors ”

Idas and turns Hits all the characters that are not from missions on the world map

It is undoubtedly a trap Complete ‘Dol Guldur’ ‘,’ ‘Commander of Legions” and ‘The Enemy’ ”

A magician never is late… Complete ” The Battle of Trolls ” with Gandalf

Time to win your reward Complete ” Day of Durin ”

The fire was red He beats 10 enemies with the lamps in “ home broken ” ‘

Think about an oven, with wings Complete ” Smaug’s den ” and ” The revenge of Thorin ” ‘

Avalanche Destroys 10 enemies with the avalanche in “ The tactics of Galadriel ”

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