Lego cheats Lord of the Rings – Psvita – Cheat codes, Guides


Bilbo Bolsón J4337V

Easterling R7XKDH

Elrond A9FB4Q

Gamling AVJII1

Nazgul White Lyqu1f

A ring to build them all Get all other trophies


Hobbits are really surprising creatures Complete all miniguegos in the centerNot with ten thousand men could do it… Unlock all the characters (only one player)

A round trip Get 100% (only one player)There is goodness in this world, Lord Frodo Deliver all treasure objects

My treasure… Collect all collectible objects

ˇYa is not! Complete final destination

The last laugh At free play, use Tom Bombadil’s laugh to destroy Sauron


ˇ ESO Count as one! Expires a smell with Legolas

And the second breakfast? Complete the camp at the top of the winds at free

… And he went far, treasure Use Sméagol to overcome Gollum when Gollum is the company that I am completely ready for another authentic adventurer adventurer at all levels (only one player)

Of all curious hobbits… Collect all the profiles of the characters

One does not enter Mordor… Enter Mordor (only one player)


ˇWe go hunting orcs! Complete the skirmish in Amon Hen

They have been summoned Complete the paths of the dead

For the treasure… Complete Gollum domestication

It does not carry a sweet Complete the camp at the top of the winds

And safe I will keep them Complete tracking hobbits

It’s a dangerous matter, get out of your home Complete the black rider along the wayThe day the strength of men failed us Complete the battle of the last alliance

You and the army of whom? Complete the battle of the pelennor

Naughty mosquita… The lair of her-Larańa completes

ˇ You will not be able to pass! Complete Moria: The Khazad-DűM bridgeThe battle for the Middle Earth is just going to start… Complete the battle of Helm’s abyss

ˇ This day we will fight! Win Sauron’s mouth

This is not a mine… It is a grave Complete Moria: Balin’s tomb

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