Kingdom Hearts HD 1 cheats.5 Remix – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Cheats and Secrets

Theater mode: It ends at least once the game to activate the theater mode, which lets you see again the cinematics of the game.

Extra characters: Complete these goals to achieve these characters in Misiones mode:

Donald: Get ascent to expert.Goofy: Get ascent to teacher.King Mickey: Complete the game and buy the item “The Return of the King” in the store.Riku: Get the promotion to agent.Sora: end all the missions of the game (100% complete), and buy Sora’s Alma item in the store.Xion: Get ascent to rookie.

Configure limit: Finish all Missions Missions with “Gold Crown” to buy the option to configure the store limit.

Kingdom Hearts Cheats and Secrets: Final Mix

Alternative ending: The game ends with all the cheat codes, 99 Dalmatas and the Hades Cup.

Kingdom Hearts HD Final Mix guide

It exceeds the full version of the first Kingdom Hearts with this video guide.

Kingdom Hearts teacher Get all trophies.


At full speed Defeat the chaotic world at the end of the world in less than 15 hours.

The expert Complete the game in the mode of expert difficulty.


As I started Complete the game without changing your equipment.

Teacher Complete the game in normal difficulty mode.

Maximum level Reach level 100 with Sora.

Unbeatable Complete the game without using the continue only once.


Steel and sand Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.

The one that does not exist Defeat the mysterious man in hollow bastion.

The beginner Complete the game in the mode of beginner difficulty.

Fairy dust Close the lock of the country as never-and.

A sincere soul Escape from the monster inside.

Pooh’s friend Close the hundred acres forest lock.

Pepito assistant Complete all the information of the Pepito Diario.

Storyteller Complete the section “The History” of the Pepito Diario.

The searcher Complete the section “Reports Anm” of the Pepito Diario.

The complete cast Complete the section “The characters” of the Pepito Diario.

The magical lamp Close the Agrabah lock.

With 101 Enough Complete section “101 Dalmatas” of the Pepito Diario.

Tribe Close the deep jungle lock.

Friendship without limits Complete the section “Las Marcas trio” of the Pepito Diario.

A young hero Close the Olympus Coliseum Lock.

Fan of the mini -games Complete the section “The records” of the Pepito Diario.

The rabbit burrow Close the lock of Wonderland.

Orfebre Manufactures all possible objects.

Where the bells reproduce Close the Paso City lock.

First creation Manufactures an object for the first time.

Sincorazón hunter Defeat more than 2000 SINCOREZA.

Rookie goldsmith Factory 3 different types of objects.

Uncle Platinito Get more than 10.000 Platins.

Amateur goldsmith Factory 15 different types of objects.

Treasure hunter Open 100 treasures chests.

Ohfebre expert Fabric 30 different types of objects.

The shadow in the tower Defeat the spectrum on the clock tower.

Gumi Engineer Get all the Gumi ships.

WINKLING LUCK Win the counterreloj competition of any tournament.

Ace of the heavens Abate more than 2500 enemies at the commanders of the Gumi ship.

Solo battle Wins the solo challenge of any tournament.

A personal touch Modify a GUMI ship and update the data.Ángel Uniado Defeat Sefirot in a platinum combat of the Olympus Coliseum.

Gumi teacher Complete all routes with the Gumi ship.

The ice cream giant Defeat Titan Ice in a gold fight from the Olympus Coliseum.

Tests pilot Complete Mission I of the Gumi ship.

Colosseum champion Win the Hades Cup.

Veteran pilot Complete Mission II of the Gumi ship.

Colosseum hero Win the Hercules Cup.

Elite pilot Complete Mission III of the Gumi ship.

Black hero Win the pegasus cup.

Fiancee Get the promised sword key.

Hero’s apprentice Win the Fil Cup.

Right -handed warrior Get all sword cheat codes.

The confine of the world Close the hollow bastion lock.

Implacable wizard Get all the canes.

Prince Pumpkin Close the Halloween city lock.

Tenaz Guardian Get all shields.

Sea Wolf Close the Atlantic lock.

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