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New appearances

You can get new appearances and accessories, although you must spend a lot of money.

Casual Mondo (Mondo) The game ends in any difficulty. It costs 500.000 dollars

Dark Booster (Mondo arm) The game ends in any difficulty. It costs 15.000.000 dollars and fill the blood indicator always.

Glamorous Fantasy (Natalia) Get an AAA rank in the mission “A Damisela in Hurry”.

Legendary executment (Mondo) The game ends in any difficulty. It costs 100.000.000 dollars

Mika from Outer Space (Mika) Get AAA rank in the Moon’s Mission “.

Night Walker (Koharu) Get AAA rank in the “cursed time” mission.

Scarlett the Witch (Scarlett) Get an AAA range in the mission “Weight limit”.

Ulti-Mondo (Mondo) The game ends in any difficulty. It costs 10.000.000 dollars and offers double damage, double speed and blood is fills more with combos.

Bronze  Kidnapper Executing as episode 1 to those who came before episode 2 alice in the country of the dead complesses the episode 3 Goliath carries those of winning the episode 4 nightmares comply with episode 5 intactocomplete the episode 6 to by the samuráicomplete the episode 7 in your dreamsEpisode 8 Reductive Episode 9 Debocadocomplete Train Episode 10 does not set the episode 11 King of Lunacomplete The episode 12 Sniper accepted by Bryanmata to 100 enemies with shots in the header projection Brink “Just Guard” 100 times”Dodge Bursst” 100 times leerson chupadoramata to an enemy with “Burst Rush” high feelings to an enemy through the air and fulminate it before falling do you have clean hands?Kill an enemy with an enemy attack Sexy man dripping blood, the blood is at the level of improvement maximum final beauty, the health at the maximum improvement level of the infinitopeponGigoló in Broom Complete 6 Missions of Challenge The other story of the gigoló complement 12 challenge missions matters of the company Complete 3 secondary missions workers of the office company 6 secondary missions ˇ The criminal is dead!Get the executor’s AAA range in 12 murderer at the doors of the albacomplete all episodes in normal mode a perfectocomplete work all the missions friends of Confianzamika has resurrected you 20 times Gift Collector Give a gift at least 50 times Silver  Money for moorcomula 100 million dollars in cash collection of girls from Mondoconsigue all the female attire a passionate girl captivated Natalia in body and soul geishahas captivated Koharu in body and soul with soul with lucky luck captivated scarlett in body and soul Sublimetodas Skills the skillsAt attack and specials they have reached the maximum level of improvement weapons to the buttodes Secondary weapons have reached the maximum level of stalker improvement accepted by scarlettdesblocaque all the missions of challenge Gigolo Master!Complete all secondary missions ˇThe crazy is dead!Get the AAA rank of executor in 24 missions the happiest man in the world of beauty of beauties 20 times obscured by the light of lunacomplete all episodes in very difficult mode

Gold  ˇThe genocide is dead!You have achieved executor’s AAA range in 44 missions Platinum  Perfect murderer gets the rest of the game trophies

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