Gear challenge

The gears can be found in the following locations with the corresponding challenges.

Audio tapes (insula dracon)

Audio tapes in the Dracon Insula region.

Easter eggs

Just Cause 3 is full of Easter eggs, pee to other games or jokes without much sense. Here you will find its location.


Hand mortar Find the location of all tombs.

Fast trip Find all the locations of rebel temples.

Noir mode Find all old pieces.

Complete Rico’s new adventure with this video guide.

Vehicle location

Explore Just Cause 3 becomes easier with vehicles. Motorcycles, cars, aquatic vehicles, helicopters and airplanes.

Acrobatic jumps

Location of all acrobatic jumps, necessary to obtain a trophy.

Audio tapes (Insula Fonte)

Tapes in the Insula Fonte region.

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