Jak and Daxter cheats: The legacy of the PSN – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Alternative end and advice

Alternative ending: To see the alternative end of the game, get the 101 power cells.


Go faster on the Zoomer: press L+R to go faster, but it will be less manageable.

Farthest brown: to shoot further the chalings of the game, keep click square or circle and click x.

Avoid damage to fall: click circle when falling very high just before touching the ground.

Swim faster: instead of constantly keep.

Above all ˇHas the game dominated and you have collected everything collectible!


ˇTotally buzzed! Get 112 explorers.

ˇA maximum power! Get 101 batteries.

Tanned by war Buy goal and Maia in the final battle.

Major sign Get 2.000 precursor spheres.


Teacher Get 1.000 precursor spheres.

Green thumb Heals the plants infected with the dark echo.

Black thumb Defeat the dark echo plant.

Very powerful Get 50 batteries.Throughout and ravines Catch flying lurkers.

Bright towers Connect the echo rays.

It’s so cold Stop at 3 Lurker glacier soldiers.

Lead Zepelin Break the moorings of the Zepelin.

ˇBraumm! Destroy the dark echo crystals.

Klaww is history Defeat Klaww.

Faster Faster! Exceeds the record time of the gorge.


Buzzed Get 49 explorers. ˇBre yourself, I tell you! Open the precursor door.

ˇZum zum zum! Reaches the end of the lava duct.

set me free! Free the wise red.

ˇNo, free me! Liberate the Blue Sage.

ˇEh, free me! Liberate the wise yellow.

Hawway? Protect Farthy snacks.

Dance and shout Victorious salt of the lurker ambush.

Energy beginning Get 25 batteries.

Like the sea, blue Walk the blue precursor rings.

Purple pain Walk the purple precursor rings.

Buzzing Get 28 explorers.

ˇZum! Reaches the end of the fire gorge.

In today’s star event Victorious salt of the lurker ambush on the combat stage.

ˇLiber me at once! Liberate the Green Wise.

ˇYiiiha! Take the Yakows to his fold.

The lurker makes ˇpop! Destroy the Lurkers Globo.

ESFERENO apprentice Get 100 precursor spheres.

Hard-boiled egg Push the flut flut egg through the ravine.

Pass me the fish Get 200 kilos of fish.

give me that! Remove the battery to the pelican.

ˇZum zum! Reaches the end of the passage between the mountains.

It’s very dark Survive the infested cave of Lurkers.

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