Invizimals cheats: the hidden kingdom – ps3 – cheat codes, guides

Savior of the hidden kingdom Get all trophies.


Master of the sparks z Collect 13 000 sparks z.

Industrial Revolution Defeat Max Black.

Chipus Maximus collects the 2000 sparks.


Touched by darkness Collect all dark seeds.Rare antiques Pick up all PUP idols.

Z Sparks Expert Collect 6500 sparks z.

Legionnaire of the sparks Collect 1000 sparks.

Maximum evolution Buy all improvements.

Destruction enthusiast Defeat all types of X-Tractor.

Unlocking teacher Open all armored doors.


I want to drink your blood! Get the chupacabra shape.

ˇSolt Kraken! Get the Kraken shape.

abominable! Get the yeti shape.

What could go wrong? Get toxitoad form.

Any old iron Destroy 500 enemy robots.

Totem gesture Get the shapeshifter form.

Complete improvement Completely improve your first invizimal.

Furious Panda Get the Xiong Mao form.

Centurion of the sparks Collect 100 sparks.

A perfect eating machine Get the tigershark shape.

Strong as a bull Get the form of Minotaur.

Legamoso puddle Complete “the refinery”.

Z Sparks Collector Collect 100 sparks z.

A laugh Get the Ha Yena form

It is not a jaguar, but… Get the olelotl shape.The day of überjackal Get the überjackal form.

not so fast! Complete “the steely heart of darkness”.

Cold as ice Get the form of icelion.

Desert Dragon Friend Complete “the leak in dragon”.

You see me, you don’t see me Get the Neko-Suke form.

Speleologist Complete “The Cuevas de Coral”.

Dońa cat Get Zaphyra’s shape.

Roca Dragon Friend Complete “Flight to Pantano”.

Samurai pig Get the shizoku shape.

perfect! Complete an invizimal challenge without making a mistake.

Robots wars defeat Big Boy.

Mountaineer 600 m scale.

Islands in heaven Complete “the old deposit”.

Soaked work Nothing 10 km.

Fire Dragon Friend Complete “Flight to the floating islands”.

Fall with style Complete a series of chain platforms without making a mistake.

King of the Jungle Complete “the big cataracts”.A feeling of déjŕ vu Review a chapter.

Finding your feet Complete “Approach to the temple”.

Lord of the beasts Make a flight on a dragon.

The most sack Get the metalmutt shape.

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