Infamous cheats: Second Son – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

All audio files

This video shows where to find all the game audio files.

All hidden cameras

This video shows where to find all the hidden cameras of the game.

All secret agents

This video shows where to find all the secret agents of the game.

All security cameras

This video shows where to find all the security cameras of the game.

All places to paint

This video shows where to find the 29 places to paint the game:

Enjoy your powers Get all trophies.


Reconciliation The story ends with karma of good.

Rebellion The story ends with karma of evil.


Don’t get out of points Complete all template graffiti.

Big Brother Destroy all the hidden cameras of D.OR.P.

Without cover Defeat all the secret agents of the D.OR.P.

Cleaning Expels to d.OR.P. of the whole city.

Blinded Destroys all D D security cameras.OR.P.

Fragmented Gather all the fragments of the explosion.

Unstoppable The game ends at an expert level.

Real hero Reaches level 5 of karma of good.

Final confrontation Complete all city district clashes.

Internal recording Gather all the audio newspapers of the informant.

Infamous Reach level 5 of karma of evil.


Everybody out Rescue 10 suspect from cells.

The function is over Destroys half of the security cameras of the D.OR.P.

Mercy Everyone deserves a second chance.

Contempt Do not fear the weak.

Courage Defends the helpless.

Revenge eye by eye, tooth by tooth.

Temperance Practice self -control.

Telephone joke Complete a district confrontation.

Hello, operator Complete clashes in half of the districts.

Ruthless Look only for you, whatever happens.

One less Completely expel to D.OR.P. of a district.

beep! beep! beep! Get half of the explosion fragments.

Play at home Expels to d.OR.P. of half of the city’s districts.

Justice Denounces the corruption of the powerful.

Sacrifice Risk your freedom to protect those you want.

Domain Shows everyone that nobody can protect them.

Total motorway Destroy 5 cars in 5 seconds.

Remote them It ends with 10 enemies or injured civilians.

Really accurate Make a comet of more than 170 meters.

You’re fine Cure 10 injured civilians.

Keep it up Remains in the air more than 45 seconds.

Someone in your size Rescue 10 drivers escaped from violent mobs.

Put that Defeat 10 enemies detonating ammunition boxes.

What have you called me? Kill 10 annoying members of the Akulana band.

Offensive trick Defeat an enemy using three different sources of power.

Freedom of expression Interrupt 10 activist meetings.

Double chimney attack Run by two red ventilation ducts without touching the ground and making a kite on an enemy.

Simply say no Stop 10 drug traffickers.

Anti -linges Make a kite about 3 enemies that cough.

We are all critical Eliminates 10 street musicians.

What Fetch is proud Reach 3 weak points with neon ray in 6 seconds.

Enough of advertising Defeat 10 ados of ads.

Excessive force Use a karmic run attack to defeat an enemy exactly.

Malice Go for them before they come for you.

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