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Madison Paige endings

The different Madison Paige endings and their requirements.

“MAD” dead: If Madison dies on visiting the trafficker, in Scott’s apartment or in the fight.

Heroin: If Madison saves Shaun and eliminates the Origami murderer.

Ethan endings

The different Ethan Mars endings and their requirements.

Ethan’s tomb: To produce this end, Ethan has to die. Depending on what we do, the grave will have some guests. If we save Shaun, he will appear, and if Madison or Scott survive they will also come out.

A new beginning: The requirement is to save Shaun Mars but not forgive Maadison.

Ethan and “Mad”: The requirement is to save Shaun and forgive Madison.

Ethan in jail: The requirement is that we save Shaun, but the police catch us when fleeing from the motel.

Norman Jayden Finals

The different ends Norman Jayden and their requirements:

Virtualized: If Norman dies from tryptocaine, in the fight with Jack or against the murderer.

Resignation: If Shaun is rescued but Norman does not find its location before.

Case closed: If Norman locates and eliminates the Origami murderer.

Scott Shelby Finals

The tomb of the origami: If Scott dies at the hands of Jayden or Madison. Depending on whether we save Lauren or not, this end will change.

The revenge of a mother: If Scott survives and save Lauren.

No punishment: If Scott survives and we don’t save Lauren.

Endings in which we do not save Shaun

These finals occur if we do not save Shaun:

Origami blues: If Shaun dies, Ethan is not captured and does not forgive Madison (or Madison dies).

Tears in the rain: Shaun dies, Ethan is not captured and forgives Madison.

Helpless: If Shaun dies and Ethan is captured.

Start again: Shaun dies, let’s not forgive Madison and Madison fails to find Shaun.

Through the mirror: Shaun dies and Norman does not locate his whereabouts, or we accuse Lieutenant Blake.

Perfect final guide

Follow these decisions to achieve the best possible end for the characters.

All endings

These are all the scenes of the endings. In a game you will only see a combination of several, depending on the characters that live or die.

The Taxidermist

An episode released in discharge, independent of the main argument. It has several finals.

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